‘The Daily’ News Publication for iPad to Debut on February 2

The Daily, the rumored iPad-specific news publication created in partnership between News Corporation and Apple, will be officially announced at a media event in New York City on February 2 according to The Loop. Eddy Cue, Apple’s VP of Internet Services and News Corporation’s founder and CEO, Rupert Murdoch, will be on hand for the event according to the invitations sent to members of the press today.

Rumors about The Daily first cropped up several months ago and it was expected to be announced in December and then earlier this month. Apple’s preparation of a recurring billing system and automatic delivery of new content have been at the heart of speculation surrounding the delays.

The Daily is expected to be a digital-only publication available exclusively on the iPad initially, costing $.99 per week. The News Corp publication will be unique among those offered on the iPad to date with a recurring subscription option, an issue of contention among publishers who wish to have more control over digital subscriptions sold through the App Store. Apple has insisted on the same 70%/30% revenue share for publications as it does with all app purchases and the company does not share customer purchase and demographic information with publishers.


Don Birdsall

99 cents a week might not break my budget but it’s a bit steep for content available elsewhere for less and often free.

Mike Greening

I don’t mind paying 99 cents a week if it’s going to bring all my content into one place. If it saves me 10 minutes a day, it’s more than worth it.

I also think that the recurring billing system is going to have a strong effect on the app market. New things can be done when apps can charge in different ways, as we’re seeing with games like Smurfs Village.

Thanks for the great writeup Marianne.

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