‘iDOS’ Returns with Update That Removes iTunes File Sharing Capability

iDOS, the DOS emulator app for the iPad that debuted in October and disappeared from the App Store shortly afterward, has become available in the App Store again with an update that removes its ability to store and run files installed through the iTunes File Sharing feature.

With iDOS 1.0, it was possible to install and run Windows 3.0 and much more. The loss of the iTunes File Sharing feature severely reduces the app’s utility, preventing users from easily loading their own games and other files for use within the app. Though given Apple’s prompt move to remove the app on the same day it was released, this functionality was clearly a violation of the App Store guidelines.

Version 2.0.1 of the app list the following changes, along with a clear warning from its developer, FastIntelligence:



– bug fixes

– Game control improvements

– Add new games

– update credit page

If you value the ability to load files of your choosing for use within iDOS, you should avoid updating the app. While iTunes does not offer an automated way to avoid updating a specific app, there is a way around this. Though exceptionally tedious in the long run, you can simply avoid downloading the iDOS update within iTunes by choosing to download all updates for your other apps individually. Needless to say, this could result in accidentally updating iDOS in the future if you’re not careful to continue downloading app updates individually.

TouchArcade points out that there is another way to still be able to load your own files for use even within the updated 2.0.1 version of iDOS using an application available for both the Mac and Windows called iPhone Explorer. iPhone Explorer is a free utility and does not require that your iPad be jailbroken in order to use it. In case you’ve already updated iDOS or simply don’t want to go through the hassle of avoiding the update, this method is an excellent option.



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Play original dos games on your iPhone/iPad! Features: - PC compatible soft keyboard - Mouse/Virtual Gamepad&Joystick - Screen mode: Portrait/Landscape(Fullscreen) - You can force 4:3...



What! Enough Apple, I am tired of your protectionist agenda. I’m seriously looking at Android as a replacement for my iPad. I’ll decide what goes on MY device.


I saw this app about five minutes after showing up in my iPad app. Thought it looked cool and was very surprised that apple would let a emulator through let alone one based on a windows/pc/IBM platform. Went to go get it and it was already pulled. I really wanted to have a chance to get it before they caught the app and pulled the plug. Sometimes I like the happy feeling of not having to use my own brain for my computer and sometimes I miss having the options to just sometimes do what I want. It is a big trade off I have recently just had to learn, my iPad is my first apple product since 2gs in grade school. I love that it is so safe but hate that it can’t ever get “bad”. Unless I risk a jail break ;).


To Jeff: Get yourself an Archos 101 Internet Tablet for half the price of an iPad and 100s times of the freedom
It has reasonable specs, a dirt cheap price, a bit flimsy though.

Hard lessons learned with my 2006 Mac Book Pro, 1st gen iPod Touch and my iPhone 3G, I think my iPhone 4 will be my last Apple for some time =.=” .

iPad 2? I think I’ll pass until everything is there, say iPad 4 or 5 may be 8=)


Ooooh, people are bitching at Apple for being ‘locked down’. Ooooh! Peoplare so upset, Ooooh! Listen folks, Apple is very fascistic about this stuff. It’s a known thing. If it weren’t for mp3 revolution, Mac would be worse than Windows, even though Apple stuff is very elegantly designed.

But why are you wasting all this time bitching & moaning about Apple’s anti-democratic policy on a website? Why don’t you write them, call them, etc etc? Stop buying their stuff & buy competitors, etc?

Then again, if this is your biggest annoyance in life, you are pretty lucky. A lot of innocent people in the Middle East are getting million dollar missiles shot from Drone planes for the reason that an ‘alleged’ terrorist is living on the block. This is probably worse than your i-whatever not letting you get your ‘open-source cyberwank’ on.


I believe the entire point of this forum is to COMMENT on what you think of the story. I personally don’t like it.

And you can stuff the “starving children in the middle east would love to eat your iPad” retoric. I’ll live as I see fit, you don’t like it, goto the middle east and save those innocent bystanders your so worried about.

For the record I ordered a Android tablet the other day to see how I like it. If it does what I want, so long apple. If not, I’ll wait for Honeycomb and see again. The point being as more choices emerge Apple will have to be more comptetitive.

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