12 JAN

Mac App Store Support Coming Soon

by arn

Apple launched the Mac App Store last week. It seeks to replicate the massive success of the iOS App Store with Apple’s desktop machines. The Mac App Store carries a very similar structure to the iOS App Store, so it should come as no surprise that we are planning on supporting it here on AppShopper.

The Mac App Store is at its infancy right now, so the volume is significantly less. In fact, here’s a list of all new apps launched on the Mac App Store yesterday:

New Mac Apps on 1/11/2011

- Playwatch
FaceTop – Facebook Photo Downloader
Clemenza’s Notepad for Mac
Fireplace (Yule Log) HD
Big Mountain Snowboarding
Cleopatra: a Queen’s Destiny
Acupoints Ultimate
Chickens vs. Weasils
uBoot – submarine game
Aa Match Preschool Alphabet (Free)
Ohm’s Law Calculator
GeekBench 2
Backdrop (Free)
Dracula Series : La Voie du Dragon – Episode 1
Battle Bears – 1 Mac
Let’s Golf HD

In contrast, about 600 new apps in the iOS App Store over the same time period. Regardless, even with the lower volume, we still find it hard to discover new apps or app changes through the App Store interface. That’s why we created AppShopper, and we hope Mac support to be implemented very soon.


  1. Stef

    Awesome! In a weird stroke of coincidence, I was coming to this site just now to inquire whether Mac App Store support would be added, and this was posted one minute prior. You guys rock!

  2. Adams Immersive


    (By the way, Mac or not, AppShopper links in TouchArcade game articles would be very welcome!)

  3. Carson J Gallo

    I hope u simultaneously launch the feature on your website and then with your iOS app on the same day. Cause I’d hate to have the feature on appshopper.com ONLY for a month and using the iOS app forgetting I can;t manage my mac app wish list cause u haven’t updated the app to support the feature yet. So u better be working on it for the site and the app at the same time.

  4. pc

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank you!!!

  5. Ruben Pedro

    You’re the best!

  6. Leon

    Please publish a list of ALL Mac App Store games (with a link).

    That would be so awesome!


  7. ValkyrieStudio

    Great news! Are there perhaps plans to actually release an AppShopper for Mac app via the Mac App Store?

    I love the iOS app, though it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to add Mac support there, since it could only be used to browse. So an actual Mac app would be pretty cool.

  8. Brian

    Pangea Arcade is going for free right now. Grab it while you can!

  9. Joey

    This is exactly what I was hoping for. The moment the MAS launched I came here to see if you would do for MAS what you’ve done for the iOS store. I love this site and recommend it to everyone with an iOS device and will do the same now for mac owners as well.

  10. Derp

    When will it be ready??

  11. Jonathan

    Yes, when are you planning to launch?

  12. Kayjay

    Oh I’m grad to read this!!

  13. anonimo

    So how soon is soon? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

  14. k4rth1k

    Mac Apps Now !

  15. Jurt


    now that Mac App Store support is here, why not writing an article in your blog about it? I subscribed to the blog deliberately to get notice of it asap, but no…

  16. misfit

    When? I really need this!

  17. Micah

    Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy !!!!!

    There are some apps I want for Lion, but I don’t wanna pay full price. I already use the iPad version daily – I can’t wait! Thanks for all your hard work!

  18. App L

    Is The Support for The MAC APPSTORE Coming Soon ?????????

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