App Store Back in Operation After Holiday Break

With some app updates beginning to show up through iTunes on our computers and here on AppShopper, the App Store is apparently up and running again after a short holiday break a day earlier than expected. Apple had previously communicated to developers that iTunes Connect, the portal through which iOS developers manage their apps in the App Store, would be closed from December 23 through December 28, resuming operation on December 29.

If you are set to receive push notifications of app updates and price changes in our official AppShopper app, you may have already seen a few arrive this afternoon. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any notable new arrivals in the App Store now that developers are able to release new apps again.

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PLEASE create a workaround for the “whats new” feature. The Email update with the “whats new” section was the absolute KILLERFEATURE on appshopper (my favorite website 2010 :D)
Please do somethings about this missing feature again!!!!

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