16 DEC

Massive $.99 Sale on EA Games

by Marianne Schultz

As our sister site TouchArcade has pointed out, Electronic Arts has a massive sale going on in celebration of the holiday season with prices down to just $.99 for most of its games. EA hasn’t been stingy here, dropping the price of several its iPad games as well, which are usually priced higher than their iPhone/iPod touch-only counterparts.

We’re listng the games with the biggest price drops but head on over to TouchArcade to see the complete list:

Down from $6.99 and higher to $.99 for the iPad:

[applink url=”http://appshopper.com/games/mirrors-edge-for-ipad, http://appshopper.com/games/simcity-deluxe-for-ipad, http://appshopper.com/games/need-for-speed-hot-pursuit-for-ipad, http://appshopper.com/games/tetris®-for-ipad, http://appshopper.com/games/scrabble-for-ipad, http://appshopper.com/games/madden-nfl-11-by-ea-sports-for-ipad “]

Down from $4.99 and higher to $.99 for the iPhone and iPod touch:

[applink url=”http://appshopper.com/games/the-sims-3, http://appshopper.com/games/risk-the-official-game, http://appshopper.com/games/fifa-10-by-ea-sports, http://appshopper.com/games/need-for-speed-shift, http://appshopper.com/games/nba-elite-11-by-ea-sports”]

For a full list of all EA’s apps in the App Store, click here.

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