Monthly Archives: November 2010

Amazon Releases Price Check App for iPhone

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, the online retail giant has released Price Check for Amazon for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS running iOS 4. The free app hit the App Store early this morning and offers a number of ways to search for products. Users can scan bar codes, take a… Read more »

TiVo Previews Upcoming iPad App

TiVo, the popular DVR maker, has announced its upcoming iPad app that will offer remote control of its Premiere line of DVRs and much more. The free app will offer a “second screen” experience to browse the programming guide, manage recordings, and even share via Twitter and Facebook. The full list of the app’s features… Read more »

Netflix Now Offering Streaming-Only Plan

If you’ve been itching to use Netflix’s free app to watch movies and TV shows but haven’t wanted to sign up for a DVD rental plan as well, Netflix now has you covered. The DVD-rental and online streaming company announced today that it is offering a streaming-only plan that costs $7.99 per month: First, we… Read more »

Apple to Release iOS 4.2 Today, Find my iPhone Included for Free

Apple has announced that iOS 4.2 for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch will be released today, meeting the November timeframe initially committed in the company’s September media event. Several rumors pointed to the release of iOS 4.2 earlier this month in conjunction with the release of iTunes 10.1 though a¬†purported delay caused by Wi-Fi… Read more »

Official AppShopper App Updated

The official AppShopper app has been updated with a several new features, including the ability to remove ads via an in-app purchase, iOS 4.2 compatbility and more. Our official app was first released in September and received its last update adding push notifications just last month. The universal app allows you to browse all of… Read more »

Game Nirvana – ‘Rage’, ‘Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner’, and ‘The Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth Defense’ Arrive in App Store

A few big-name game releases are lighting up the the App Store today. Fans of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings get two new titles by THQ Wireless and Glu, respectively, while id Software, of Doom and Quake fame, have released Rage, a first-person shooter for the iPhone and iPad. Star Wars Arcade: Falcon… Read more »

Boxcar Gets Major Update with New Services, Centralized Inbox, More

AppRemix’s Boxcar got a major update this week adding several new services to the push notification delivery app. Actually, Boxcar was updated twice in the past week to version 4.0 ¬†over the weekend and then to 4.1 today. Along with a new icon, Boxcar now works out-of-the box with Gowalla, Foursquare, Reddit, Google Voice, and… Read more »

Hulu Plus Subscription Price Reduced, App Updated

Hulu Plus, the paid TV and movie streaming service, is now officially out of Preview mode and has a new monthly price of $7.99, down from $9.99. Hulu Plus was first launched for the iPhone and iPad in late June and the service was available by invitation only until now. The company, a joint venture… Read more »

Official Twitter App Gets Push Notifications, More

Twitter, the wildly popular social networking service, has released an update to its official app adding push notifications for new mentions and direct messages. The update just hit the App Store this evening and features other improvements and changes for the universal app for the iPhone and iPad as well. The full list of new… Read more »