Iconfactory Releases ‘Take Five’ Music Pausing App

The Iconfactory, developer of the popular free Twitterrific app for Twitter, Ramp Champ, Frenzic and others, has released a new music-pausing app called Take Five. The app hit the App Store today and costs $.99.

If you’ve ever paused music playback on your iPhone or iPod touch and then realized a while later that you forgot to hit play again and you’ve been listening to nothing but silence through your headphones in the meantime, Take Five will quickly become one of your favorite apps.

Image courtesy of takefiveapp.com

You can start music playback in the iPod app or in the Take Five app itself – unfortunately, it won’t work with any other music apps at this time because of restrictions imposed by Apple.

When you need to pause music momentarily to focus on another task, you can simply open Take Five, which will pause the music automatically for 5 minutes. If you started music playback within Take Five, you can just tap on the center of the slider at the bottom of the screen to pause it automatically for 5 minutes. You can also drag the slider to pause the music for any period up to 30 minutes.

If you want music to start playing before the timer is done, you can move the slider all the way to the left to essentially force the timer to zero immediately.

Take Five also works in the background on devices running iOS 4, so music will still resume after the timer is done even if you’ve left Take Five to go to another app. When music resumes, it fades in nicely to avoid startling you.


Take Five

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Your music can only wait so long! Life is full of interruptions. How many times have you realized that your earbuds are silent because you’d forgotten to un-pause your iPod? Take Five is a simple...

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