Snooth Brings Wine Identification Through Image Recognition to iPhone

Snooth, the world’s largest wine site featuring reviews, price comparisons, and more, announced the release of its Snooth Wine Pro app earlier this week. The app offers mobile access to Snooth’s database of over 1 million wines and uses image recognition technology to identify wine and show local prices and reviews. While it’s not the first app to offer image recognition technology (Metaio’s Junaio and Ben & Jerry’s Moo Vision were the first we found that offered this type of functionality), it is the first we’ve seen for wine research and shopping.

Once you’ve found a wine that you like through the image recognition search or by searching manually, there’s a whole host of things you can do:

  • View the stores closest to you that have the wine in stock
  • Compare prices and view maps and directions to nearby stores
  • Add the wine to your Wishlist or Virtual Cellar
  • Purchase the wine online through the Snooth retail network
  • Read expert and user reviews and post your own
  • Browse for similar wines by winery, region, or varietal.

In order to use the app, you’re required to sign up for a free Snooth account. While we understand why Snooth (or any company, for that matter) wants to be able to identify and track its users, we always find this requirement a little annoying when it comes to using apps, especially paid ones. Once you get past this, navigating around the app is straightforward.

We tried the image recognition feature on a few bottles in our paltry wine collection. While Snooth Wine Pro was able to identify the winery of our prized 2002 Silver Oaks cabernet, we had to manually choose the varietal and year. The same thing happened with the budget 2001 Century Cellars cabernet in our collection. When it came to a 1997 Louis Jadot Burgundy, we found that the Snooth database only went back to 2000 so we couldn’t accurately log it and assign it to our virtual cellar.

Searching for wine manually is easy using browsing parameters to narrow wine down by color, price, country, flavor, and varietal. Search results can be sorted by rating (“SnoothRank”), quality-to-price ratio, price, and vintage. Once you’ve found a wine you want to buy, you can see what stores have it in stock. If you’re already familiar with a wine, you can write a review of it right within the app.

We’re not wine aficionados but Snooth Wine Pro looks to offer a lot of useful information and features for those who like to seek out new wines and learn more about them. You can try a free, ad-supported version called Snooth Wine if you want to check out what Snooth offers first, though this version lacks the image recognition feature (you can upgrade to the pro version via in-app purchase). Snooth Wine Pro costs $4.99 and contains no ads.

In celebration of the release of Snooth Wine Pro, Snooth is running a contest with an iPhone 4 and promo codes for the app as prizes. The contest ends on September 30 and you can find the details on how to enter here.

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Guillermo | Social Media apps

I was very curious to see how this application works and I must say I am really surprised.
I do like it and it has worked with a couple of very unknown wines I have bought sometime ago.

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