Barnes & Noble Revamps Reader Apps Using Nook Brand

Barnes & Noble has revamped its ebook reader apps for the iPhone and iPad, employing the nook brand previously used only for its ebook reader device. The new apps were released this morning and while the iPhone version appears to have no new features aside from the new look, the iPad version includes the following in the What’s New section:

“BN eReader” is now “NOOK for iPad!”
You requested the ability to rate your books and sort by your favorites. Now you can!
And we’ve added a great new user guide and “first run” tutorial to show you some of the less obvious features of NOOK for iPad.
Thanks for updating!

Barnes & Noble had initially released its reader apps in May, joining in the ebook reader app fray to compete with Apple’s iBooks, Amazon’s Kindle app, followed by the release of an app by Borders in June. In rebranding its app to use the nook brand, Barnes & Noble appears to be following Amazon’s example, who uses its own ebook reader’s Kindle brand for its ebook apps available for a number of platforms.

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John Matthews

Phone Tracker app is not working for me It twlls me very efficiently where I am (or my phone is) but not any other persons phone belomnging to the number that I input. What am I doing incorrectly please?

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