12 AUG

Camera+ Removed From App Store

by Marianne Schultz

Camera+ by tap tap tap has been removed from the App Store and all signs point to the VolumeSnap-enabling work-around revealed just the other day as the cause. TechCrunch reports that tap tap tap had revealed the work-around (entering “camplus://enablevolumesnap” without the quotation marks in mobile Safari, which allowed the volume buttons to control the camera shutter in the app) through its Twitter account but deleted the tweet a short time later.

Apple does not take kindly to hidden features in apps, as most recently demonstrated by the removal of Handy Light, a flashlight app that had a hidden tethering feature, just a few short hours after it debuted in the App Store.

So far, tap tap tap has said nothing about the removal of Camera+ in its blog or Twitter account. In fact, the company had only just published information on the second month sales of Camera+ in its blog a couple of days ago, noting that the app wasn’t subject to the “sophomore” sales slump apps typically see in the second month after release.

Other apps by tap tap tap, including Voices and Convert, remain in the App Store so the developer hasn’t been banned from the App Store completely and we’re hoping that Camera+ makes it back to the App Store soon.

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