Apple Releases iOS 4.0.2 and 3.2.2 Updates

Apple has just released two iOS updates for the iPhone and iPad, respectively, that address a vulnerability in how Safari handles PDF files that’s at the heart of how the latest web-based jailbreaking process put out by the iPhone Dev Team works. This jailbreaking process, which can be done simply by navigating to in mobile Safari on an iPad or iPhone, was released less than two weeks ago and opens the door to hundreds of apps not available in the App Store along with removing the carrier lock present in iPhones around the world.

Apple’s latest update will fix this issue and devices updated to the latest iOS can no longer be jailbroken using the site.

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So does this mean you now can’t go on from the iphone and ipod touch and jailbreak it from there?


Yes it means you cannot jailbreak from the site. Do you even read before posting such a stupid question? It clearly says that in the post.


I wonder what happens if anyone try to with this new update and what would happen if you try. I bet will fix it soon or later. Maybe

Don Birdsall

In the very near future we will see Linux based open source operating systems that will install and run on many devices. Google’s Android is an early example.

In the meantime Apple is simply ‘shooting itself in the foot’ with their restrictive policies regarding jail breaking and other technologies including Adobe Flash. certainly made it easy to open up your Apple device. I jailbreaked my first generation Touch in just a minute or two. I most certainly am NOT going to install the latest update on my iPad. Instead I will jailbreak it. When multitasking comes along I’ll upgrade, but by then I’ll have installed all the restricted apps that I like from Cydia.

On my PC I dumped my virus prone Windows OS in favor of Linux and I look forward to dumping OS X in favor of an equally capable open source OS.

@Sebas. Priyan’s comment is not stupid. He/she is just an average consumer who has only average knowledge about computer operating systems.

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