20 JUL

Handy Light: Tethering App Camouflaged as Flashlight

by Marianne Schultz

Nick Lee’s Handy Light app, which looks like any other flashlight app that uses the iPhone’s screen to provide illumination, actually camouflages a tethering feature using the SOCKS proxy, à la Nullriver’s Software’s NetShare app that was available for a short time nearly two years ago. The app just hit the App Store a little while ago and costs a mere $.99.

For those unfamiliar with tethering, it allows you to use your iPhone’s cellular data connection on your computer or other devices via Wi-Fi. In the U.S., AT&T requires an additional $20 per month for this feature, and you must be on the most expensive data plan that costs $25 per month (unless you were grandfathered into the unlimited $30 data plan offered previously). We’ve tested the app and it works as advertised, bringing unofficial tethering to any iPhone running iOS 4.

Lee has posted a YouTube video demonstrating how the app works:

In case you don’t want to watch the video, the instructions are as follows:

  1. Set up an ad hoc Wi-Fi network on your computer (network name and password requirement are not important).
  2. Connect to the Wi-Fi network you just created on your iPhone through the Settings/Wi-Fi menu.
  3. Tap on the blue arrow to the right of the selected Wi-Fi network, click Static in the IP Address menu and enter the following IP address and chuckle at its geek quotient:
  4. Next, enter in the Subnet Mask field.
  5. Back out of the Settings menu to ensure these settings are saved (though hitting the Home button right away shouldn’t change them).
  6. Go to your Mac or PC and change the network settings to use the SOCKS Proxy and enter as the Socks Proxy Server address and 1337 as the port. On our Mac laptop, this is what the resulting screen looks like:
  7. Be sure to apply/save these settings.
  8. Go back to your iPhone and open the Handy Light app and tap the flashlight colors at the bottom in the following sequence: blue, yellow, red. Then tap the top right corner of the screen and the color should change to purple. Your iPhone is now capable of sharing its internet connection with the computer you set up.
  9. Leave the app open and go to your computer and start browsing. As the video describes, we found that it took a few seconds for the connection to kick in but then it worked like a charm. Though many variables affect network speed tests, a quick test using Speedtest.net yielded 3.92 Mb/s down and 0.38 Mb/s up while tethered to our iPhone 4 through Handy Light.

Of course, while we felt it was important to get this news out to you, it’s almost guaranteed Apple will remove this app from the App Store once the company learns of this hidden feature. Hopefully, this won’t happen too soon and everyone can enjoy the tethering feature this app offers for a mere $.99 (comparatively, NetShare cost $9.99 when it was available). Now, what are you waiting for? Go buy Handy Light and get your tethering on! Those of you on metered data plans should be careful tethering with this app, however, since this can quickly eat up your data allotment. Also, since you need to keep the app open for it to keep working and the 3G radio in your iPhone takes a lot of power to run, this will likely drain your battery pretty quickly so be prepared and make sure your iPhone’s AC charger is close at hand.

UPDATE: It looks like Apple has removed Handy Light from the App Store so it is no longer available for purchase.

UPDATE 2: There have been a few impostor apps in the App Store with similar names but these DO NOT offer tethering ability, hidden or otherwise. We strongly urge our readers to not buy any of these impostor apps since these developers seem to be trying to take advantage of the original Handy Light’s fame while not providing the same hidden functionality.

If you didn’t buy Handy Light when it was in the App Store on July 20, 2010, you’re out of luck, unfortunately.


  1. Matt


  2. MrBobDobolina

    This post should self destruct after it gets read.

  3. Rabid Puffin

    Now, let’s see if someone can figure this out to work with the WiFi iPad! No need for $130 extra or a $20 data plan!

  4. jim

    Awesome… Is there a way to get it working with iPad?

  5. Scott

    Do you mean 3.92 MB/s down and 0.38 MB/s up?

  6. Attyjones

    That’s what we need -iPad functionality.

  7. Steve K.

    Maybe Nick can make the app have black screen instead of purple when it’s on to save battery.

  8. Adam

    You can tether your iPad, but you’ll need your laptop to act as the intermediary. Just add the iPad to the ad-hoc network.

  9. Marianne Schultz

    Yes – thanks for pointing that out. Fixed.

  10. jamie

    Fantastic! Wish I’d got Netshare while I could… but until the os4 jailbreak comes out, this will do just fine! Thanks!

  11. Mac92

    It can’t be thehered to an iPad can it?

  12. Matt

    How do you set the SOCKS Proxy settings in Windows 7?

  13. Andre

    I love the old school Street Fighter music playing in the background.

  14. James

    I love you man!

  15. rich

    Not everyone can enjoy this. I bought it and then found out my phone is too old. Guess I should have read the system requirements. At least I’ll have it for when I upgrade, even if Apple yanks it from the store before then.

  16. Edwin

    Any way to connect to an Ipad with this? hmmm?

  17. Jason

    Did anyone else notice the icon for the app? It looks like a shielded twisted pair cable… :)

  18. halo

    Can someone please help me on showing me where in Windows 7 I can set the SOCKS Proxy settings in Windows 7? I got the ad-hoc Wifi setup. but I’m stuck now…Thanks in advance!

  19. jmp

    Insane! What a work of art!! Thanks! Best .99 I have spent yet.

  20. SirAnax

    Doesn’t work with Firefox but does with Safari.

  21. elisa

    buy it now to download to iTunes on Mac and sync it to all your devices PRN
    Evil ;)

  22. Nick

    This is fantastic! Just installed and worked right away. 2 things–

    – I couldn’t get internet through Firefox but Safari worked
    – Mail wouldn’t connect to IMAP or smtp servers either way.

    Any suggestions on getting Mail to work, that was my main desire for tethering…

    Still amazing for .99 forever, wonder how long this will stay up

  23. jsizzle

    Windows 7 SOCKS proxy is shown in advanced under connections in internet options… but i’m still having problems. it connects i think, but i’m not getting anything. anyone have success?

  24. Heather

    Yep, no firefox, but safari works.

  25. Kyle

    Is anyone else having problems configuring this on an iPhone 3G? I’m running 4.0.1, connecting to an early 2008 MBP running 10.6.4. My numbers are plugged and chugged correctly, did the right sequence for the flashlight, but no actual connection to the internets through any browser (not even Safari).

  26. Jacob

    Yeah, im having trouble on the iphone 4 too. Keeps favoring 3G over WiFi. weird…..

  27. Chris H

    How would I do this with Windows 7? Can’t get it to work with Chrome or Firefox. It actually never shows a connection.

  28. geeves

    wow cool, it works

  29. Mike

    Using a Iphone 3G.
    Set it up the first time with a WEP password for the ad hoc network (out of habit). Didn’t work so it I did exactly as the video showed (i.e. no password) and it works. I’m away from a 3G network right now so using Edge. Slow but it is working but it is draining the phone like crazy. Also had no luck with Firefox but Safari is fine.

  30. marc

    does anyone know how to set this up for windows?

  31. Dark Skies

    It works…but for me ONLY in Safari!! Couldn’t get Firefox or Mail to ‘see’ an internet connection. But wierdly Safari worked liked a dream.


  32. Mike

    And be sure to return your proxy settings back to normal when you stop tethering.

  33. Bob

    Reason FF doesn’t work, but Safari does, is that the Safari uses the system network settings (which you just changed to work). Firefox has it’s own Proxy settings under:

    Preferences >> Advanced >> Network >> Settings

    Change it there in FF, and now it will work

  34. Brian

    This didn’t work out of the box for me after following the video, so if you’re not getting internet, see if your airport icon is green in the network settings. Mine was yellow, so I set an IP/Netmask to and it works!

  35. markeee

    Anyone with better/step by step instructions on configure SOCKS on a PC vs MAC. THX

  36. Carter

    Can someone explain how to do step 6 on Windows 7? I don’t get it…and do I need to use Internet Explorer?

  37. Butch

    No joy for me. iPhone 4 using iOS 4.0.1. Firstly, I can’t view the video (now marked private) so I worked from the written instructions. As far as I can tell, I’ve done everything right, but Safari will not connect out via the phone (no Internet connection). Is there maybe something incorrect in the written instructions? For instance, it never talks about changing the IP of the Mac. Mine is just stuck with a self-assigned 169.x.x.x address.


  38. Butch

    And following up, I had also tried using a static IP of with a netmask of, but that didn’t work either.

  39. michael

    If true, I guarantee that Apple will use their “kill switch” to remove this app from any iPhones that have it installed.

  40. bobby

    Awesomeness! Thanks, works for me…is there a way to get this pumping via usb instead of wlan?

  41. Orpical

    Followed the instructions in text to a tee. Working perfectly. Posting this message from the tethered iPhone 3GS as we speak. I have a work-issued bberry on the verizon network and so far the speeds on this 3G seem comparable to what I get on the bberry. NICE…

  42. Vrd

    Anyway to configure a wifi iPad to use this (the iphone’s 3G connection)?

  43. AJ

    Looks like it’s already been removed from the app store. BUMMER.

  44. Vik

    Worked perfectly on the iPhone 3GS running 4.0

    Anyway I can get it configured for the iPad?
    I connected the iPad to the ad-hoc network but have no luck getting the internet to work

  45. Orpical

    Whoa. I know this was mentioned before, but just so we’re clear. This does work with the iPad as well. After you’ve got everything working, go to your iPad’s WiFi settings and you should see the new ad-hoc network you just created listed under your “Choose a Network…” options. Once I selected it, it was working like a charm. Ohhhh this is beautimous.

  46. putt

    Or you could plug in your iphone so it runs off of the computers battery instead of the iphones…

  47. Fred Fnord

    Bobby: Not a chance. Apps have a fair bit of control over the network environment, but they can’t play with the USB connection at all.

    Amusingly, it could be done over the audio port, with the headset connecter connected to the Mac’s mic/line out connectors with a Y adaptor, and a custom TCP stack written that implements ‘tcp-over-audio’.

    But that would be awfully silly.


  48. Vik

    Also for those using unlimited data, use the 3G network cautiously as sooner or later At&t will figure out that you are tethering and knowing how cheap they are, they might send you a hefty bill for it

  49. Michael

    And, poof, it’s gone.

  50. sadly

    too bad it is pulled already.

  51. Orpical

    HA! Oops, it DOESN’T work on my iPad…so sorry folks – big #fail right there.

  52. Ian

    Haven’t had any luck getting this to work on win 7

  53. old phart

    Will work with Chrome as well.
    OSX needs tsocks to work with FF, mail and all the shell programs that don’t support SOCKS 5.

    tsocks is a pain to set up and get to work correctly


  54. Hellionz

    Got it working!! woohoo now to go play around with the iPad and get it working to. FTW for as long as this lasts…. probably till the morning, 10am Apple’s time! lol

  55. Leada

    Wow…very short-lived. Just tried to download this app and got the following message…The item you tried to buy is no longer available. Congrats to those who acted fast!

  56. Emily

    Apple took it down already. http://skitch.com/etothem/dpq2y/handy-light

  57. HeidiAH

    I think it’s been pulled…just tried to get it and got an ‘it’s been moved’ message

  58. Rob

    If anyone got it to work for Windows 7, please help.

  59. Brad Goodman

    Couldn’t get to work under Firefox.

    Tried Safari on Windows, but couldn’t figure out how to get Proxy settings to work correctly, so – no luck.

  60. Jeff

    can’t get it to work with my iPad.
    where are the SOCK setting on iPad…. can someone post instructions for iPad?

    To Developer! Why didn’t you make this iOS 4 multtask compatiable?

  61. hoosierem

    Wow, Apple caught wind of that fast…faster than I was at downloading it :(

  62. DarkProphet2088

    Oh my god!!!! This was my last chance to get internet back in my home and I took too long! Ever since my cable Internet was disconnected (for illegal downloading, lol not me, lol) I’ve been trying every other option. Damn…

  63. noksucow

    You won’t see the 3G icon change to the wifi icon on your iPhone. It didn’t on my iPhone anyway. I thought it wasn’t working until I tried browsing, but it was indeed working. Great app.

  64. RedVeloce

    Really, really works…for now (smile)

    Just remember to reset Proxy Settings after you’re finished to go to your other networks.

  65. Cauchope

    How do you set the SOCKS Proxy settings in Windows 7

  66. Cauchope

    Anyone knows How do you set the SOCKS Proxy settings in Windows 7????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. bling

    I configured an ad-hoc network on windows 7 and set static IP on the connection in windows ( I did all the above instructions and I’m able to telnet to port 1337 once the screen turns purple.

    But I’m unable to configure the browser to use this SOCKS proxy. A little help please …

  68. Barbara Smith

    still in the app store as of 10:15 pm EDT.

  69. aaron

    Windows 7 Does not work. Instructions do not properly configure for win7

  70. Chris

    “The item you tied to buy is not longer available.”


  71. TJ

    Missed it by 8 mins! (It’s already pulled.)

  72. CosmoSoko

    Rob, Bling, and Cauchope, I am having the same problem and it is driving me crazy!!! If either of you figure out how to set up the Socks proxy, please let me know. I know you have to go to internet properties and the onnections tab but when I type in the numbers for the address and port it still doesn’t work. Please help!!!

  73. Jacob

    Works nice on IOS 4.1 on iPhone 4
    You wont see the WiFi logo
    And ONLY works in Safari for some reason…. really weird. Not even mail

    Anyone have a windows hack yet?

  74. CosmoSoko

    Or if anyone knows how to get it going on Windows 7, please let me know.

  75. Jay

    just missed it!! Darn it

  76. Sctrojan

    Damn!!! Missed by 5 mins :(

  77. Booyow1204

    Im plugging in all the numbers correctly, and I have a 3G with the latest software update, but it’s not working. Has anybody had any luck whatsoever operating Windows 7?, I have a feeling this trick is specific to Macs

  78. Bryan

    I can’t get it to work for the life of me! It keeps saying it has a self assigned ip and cannot connect to internet. So annoying. I’ve redone it at least a dozen times following all the instructions to the T.

  79. John P

    No luck with win7 for me either….. Anyone have this working with win7? If so please explain how

  80. CosmoSoko

    Still can’t get it to work for Windows 7…

    : (

  81. sam

    For those of us who missed it, is there a way to get this app?

  82. Jason

    Im confused. How does this work with the MacBook Pro

  83. anon


  84. aaron

    Doesnt work on IE, Safari or FF on windows7. just FYI to everyone

  85. Ac

    Did anyone on windows get this to work please answer

  86. Mike

    Item is no longer available!!!! BUMMER!!!!!

  87. Security Worries

    Is there any test or method to make sure that it isn’t sniffing packets or making any surreptitious use of your traffic?

  88. John P

    I hope anonymous has win7 and it doesn’t work

  89. Where to get this file

    I know where to get this feature legitimately…..

    Android 2.2


  90. Jeff

    I downloaded this before it was shut down. Can I still sync my iPhone with my computer or will that somehow remove the app from my phone?

  91. JR

    Was anyone able to get it work in windows 7? I was able to change the SOCKS settings by going to

    Control Panel > Network and Internet > Internet Options > Connections tab > LAN settings. Then I checked the box under the Proxy server section > clicked on the Advanced button > under the SOCKS section I entered IP address and Port values noted in the instructions > OK. I’m still not able to get my computer to connect to my iphone.

  92. Justin

    Ya, no luck on windows 7 here either. That’s just odd. If anybody gets it to work, make sure to post back here!

  93. Shaun

    I got it over 2 hours ago and still have yet to get it to work as planned, I have set up all SOCKS correctly and still no progress. Tether just won’t work with me.

    iPhone 4 with iOS 4.0.1
    MacBook 13in 10.6.4
    2.4ghz intel core 2 duo
    4GB 1067 MHz DDR3

  94. RAIDfan

    To answer all the Win7 questions, This does not work with Windows 7, and anyone that says other wise needs to put up instructions or shut up. I have attempted to configure this on both my Win7 laptop and my MBP, works flawlessly on the Mac, no joy on Windows. Something to do with the way WIn7 handles the SOCKS proxy settings it would appear. (yes tried IE, FF, Chrome, Opera and Safari)
    Only Safari would connect on the Mac. As previously stated, no email, skype or other chat functions basic browsing is about it. Handy if in a pinch I suppose, but there are so many WiFi hotspots, tethering doesnt really matter to me.

    iPhone 3G 4.0.1
    Win7 Ultimate Acer Laptop
    OSX Snow Leopard on MBP

  95. bling

    I got it to work in Windows 7 but only in Chrome browser. Strangely, I couldn’t get other browsers to work (IE, FF, Opera). I also tested Skype and it worked. I made a VoIP call to a toll free number and it sounded pretty good.

    1. Create ad-hoc connection without encryption (iPhone was unable to connect to my ad-hoc network if I setup encryption. I wonder if this is a security risk to my laptop/iPhone)
    2. Search for “Manage wireless networks” and open it.
    3. Select the newly created access point (AP) and click ‘adapter properties’ from the toolbar above.
    3. click on ‘Internet Protocol version 4′ and click properties.
    4. Set a static IP address ( for example). as netmask. (Google’s DNS server, not sure if it’s required)
    5. Configure proxy settings in IE -> Interet options -> connections -> LAN settings -> Use a proxy server -> advanced -> SOCKS type -> port 1337
    6. Close all open windows and connect to the ad-hoc access point.

    Now, open Chrome or Skype and it should work fine.

  96. Andy

    Well, I’m happy I bought this before apple had a chance to yank it… but I can’t get it to work on Windows 7.

    May only the most beautiful vaginas find their way to the gentleman who posts how to make this work on Win7.

  97. Justin

    Here’s some instructions for firefox on Windows 7. Good luck!!


  98. Sparksey

    The App is available on installeous for all those with jailbroken iPhones, saves spending 10 bucks on MyWi.

  99. ash

    This only works for HTTP traffic. Any other protocols will fail.

  100. MicroCuts7

    Windows Vista/Windows 7 Instructions:

    1) Follow this guide up to #6.
    2) Instead of #6, go to the “Network Sharing Center” and click “Manage Network Connections”
    3) Right-click “Wireless Network Connection” and go to “Properties.”
    4) Select the “IPv4″ option and click “Properties”
    5) Click the “Alternate configuration tab and select “User Configured”
    6) In the IP Address field type 13.37.13.xx (where “xx” is any number from 1-255 but ISN’T 37)
    7) Set Subnet to
    8) Open Chrome, Safari, or Explorer (these are easier to work with than Firefox) – Get into “Internet Properties,” click “LAN Settings”
    9) Deselect “Automatically Detect…,” Select “Use proxy server for…,” and click “Advanced” button
    10) Clear the first 3 fields, type and 1337 into the appropriate “Socks” field. Deselect “Use same proxy server for all…”

    11) Click “Okay” on all of those windows and enjoy.


    My speeds are 3mbps x 256kbps on this tethered connection…

  101. you_didn't_hear_this_from_me

    to get this working on Windows 7:

    set up the adhoc wifi network and all the other instructions in the post.

    Open the network settings for your wireless adapter. Give your wireless adapter an IP of and a netmask of

    If you use other wi-fi connection then set this IP as the alternate IP rather so you don’t get the 169.x.x.x default Windows IP.

    open a command prompt (type cmd in the search bar)

    type ipconfig /all to verify that you adapter has
    to test that you are reaching your iphone do the following from the command prompt:


    you should see:

    Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
    Reply from bytes=32 time=16ms TTL=52

    next do the following to verify that the iphone proxy is up:

    telnet 1337

    if the screen returns a cursor then you are connecting to your iphone

    – if both tests fail then you are not reaching you iphone, make sure you have the proxy app turned on (purple screen) and that you followed all the insturctions above. Google windows ad hoc networks if you can’t get to this point.

    Open firefox
    go to tools>>network tab>>Settings

    click on Manual proxy configuration
    under SOCKS Host enter port 1337
    select SOCKS v4

    hit ok, now comes the missing step!

    1) In the browser location bar (the place where you type web addresses), type about:config and press Enter. This opens a different set of Firefox preferences.
    2) Where it says ‘Filter:’ at the top, type network.proxy.socks. The list of preferences will automatically change to show your proxy preferences.
    3) Highlight ‘network.proxy.socks_remote_dns’ by clicking it only once. Then, right-click it. This opens a small pull-down menu. Select ‘Toggle’ from the menu to change its value to ‘true’.

    you can also double click to change the value to ‘true’

    # Close Firefox and restart it.

    browse the Internet on AT&T!!!

  102. katmeef

    I got it working with my iPad using my unjailbroke 3gs on 4.0.1 using this app (and my mac), it’s dirty….

    – start the adhoc network on my mac and get my mac working on the proxy as per the youtube video.
    – setup a http webserver on the mac (or locally on the ipad if you can) and serve a file titled socks.pac with the following contents:

    function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {
    return “SOCKS″;

    connect the ipad to the adhoc network and set the proxy to auto (on the ipad) and the url is going to be the url of the MAC which serves socks.pac

  103. iphone4

    crap crap crap. I cant believe I missed this. Is there any way to get an app that has been pulled?

  104. kap

    I downloaded it in time… waited until now to fiddle. I can’t get it to work on my windows machine. I finally figured out where the proxy settings were. I tried IE, Chrome, and Safari. No good on any of them. I also tried altering the IP settings… still no good.

    Maybe someone will post up better instructions for Windows users. Has anyone on Windows actually gotten it to work?

  105. you_didn't_hear_this_from_me


    yes Its working on windows and Firefox – see my post above

  106. ~ESPHERO~

    Hey I see all of the comments about making this work for Windows 7…
    ..BUT what about making this work on Windows XP?

    I tried the Internet explorer thing with the SOCKS proxy, but it still won’t work.

    Any suggestions?

  107. you_didn't_hear_this_from_me


    Same exact thing for XP and Firefox. just follow the my instructions.
    I’m not using IE, try the instructions from MicroCuts7 post.

  108. annomous

    Here is another great set of instructions to get this working on Windows 7 http://play-this.org/2010/07/approved-iphone-app-handy-light-holds-free-tethering-easter-egg/

  109. t69broken

    well this feature has been available on my htc phone for 4 years for free. Oh and android 2.2 has it built right in to the operating system. Lets go s*ck some steve jobs C*ck.

  110. ~ESPHERO~


    Worked 100% Thanks!

    I can’t believe I overlooked using a different browser. The skype, however, you have to configure in its settings. (just throwing that out there for anyone who may not have realized it..)

    Thanks again!

  111. fastasleep

    works great but wasn’t able to get Mail.app working with imap/smtp until I grabbed Proxifier – http://www.proxifier.com/

    install that, set up a connection (same settings as in network prefs, i think i had to turn on name resolving as well) turn OFF your system socks proxy, and now all apps should work – and without having to turn on app-specific proxy settings!

    only thing so far that hasn’t worked was my google jabber account on ichat, not sure why…

  112. Derpderp.

    Oh thanks a lot you blumbering idiots.



  113. omnione

    To you_didn’t_hear_this_from_me,

    I’m having problems connecting. Both tests fail even though my iPhone can see the ad hoc network I created, and I’ve activated the purple screen on HandyLight. I’ve tried going through the steps at the top of the page to your post I’m using XP btw….

    P.S. I’m not sure if I’m doing step 6 of the original post’s instructions correctly. Also, I couldn’t find my when I did ipconfig/all.

  114. omnione

    also, my ad hoc keeps saying not connected despite the app being on with the iPhone seeing the network

  115. Sharon


    Could somebody please help me? I am pretty computer literate, but I’m telling you this just isn’t working on my end.

    I have followed all the instructions down to the wire…..even doing the about:config. My problem is my wifi is just not connecting to the tether. It shows it and it just says “waiting for users” and it refuses to connect.

    Does anybody have any clue as to why it’s saying waiting for users to connect? I swear I’m doing everything right or am I missing some setting in ad hoc that I don’t know about?

    Thanks in advance!

  116. Jeve Stobs

    I love how FANDROID are on here saying “I have this on my Android (piece of sh*t) phone”. Keep your clunky, Transformer looking brick and when Google fixes all the shit that tries to rival Apple, then you can brag all you want. Yeah, I said it and so do most of the millions of us who’ve had any of the 4 iphones. This is not buyers remorse talking as we all know when Verizon gets an iPhone, you will all jump ship.

  117. Sharon

    Ok so where it shows the tether icon in my wifi it has an orange exclamation point and will not connect. I’ve tried everything! Believe me I’m not sad for the 99c it’s just that I really need this to work to be able to log into my classroom when I’m down the beach this summer. :(

  118. Apple Guy


    Windows or Mac? What browser are you using?

  119. What Is My IP Address


  120. Nate

    Someone please helps me with instruction for win XP as it does not have AD HOC.

  121. Sharon

    Apple guy,

    Win 7 and firefox. Everything shows up just fine, but I have an exclamation point under the tether setting in my wifi list & it just will not connect.

  122. netbook

    Got it working on my netbook running windows 7 Starter. Much thanks to Nick the creator of handy light. Hope you made a nice bit of cash from this.

  123. Zambo

    I wonder how long until the Apple-controlled police bust in this guy’s door with a warrant, or he gets sued by Apple.

  124. netbook

    Excellent!! Skype works too!!!
    Firefox works.

    No Chrome

    No Internet Explorer………..


  125. Sandra Diaz

    hehehe glad I read this minutes after it went up. Tethering… how sweet it is.

  126. Sharon

    Well! Progress I guess? It says it’s connected to tether in my wifi setting but says no Internet connection! Am I closer? Still has yellow explanation point :(

  127. netbook

    it will have the exclamation point but it will work anyway.

  128. Sharon

    Nooooo OMG I got it working!!!

  129. netbook


  130. Sharon

    For anybody that is having issues with win 7 do what I did……download a driver file for your wireless card model for windows vista. The problem was in the win 7 driver!

    It was what worked for me!

  131. Dick Allen

    When I open my handy-light application, I don’t see the selectable colors at the bottom of the screen as in the video. This is even if I select the Lights button on the window by double tapping it. How do I get the screen showing the colors I have to hit in sequence?

  132. Lisa

    I bought the app but it don’t work on any version of windows Mac only :(

  133. mikesmythe

    well this is great. i bought the app, but i fear that at&t will only get more bogged down now that everyone is tethering their phones to the network. fuck.

  134. Tim

    Hello, since Apple already removed it from the store. Are there similar tools out there? Tx

  135. david

    I dowloaded it and can add it to my iphone.
    When syncing, iTunes deselects it automatically

    Any hints on how to solve this ?

  136. Sam

    Is there any way of knowing if this is pinching data from your computer / iphone when you connect/tether?

  137. Jack

    Working great on my 3GS with 4.0FM, GREAT APP.

  138. Peter

    hitting in sequence the blue, yellow, red screens by using arrows and tapping screen, but no purple when tap top right corner. What am I missing or doing incorrectly?

  139. Whybuy3GIPad

    I get the “purple” screen, but looking for a direct IPAD solution, possibly safari based?

  140. Nate

    Can someone write an idiot instructions to use it with win XP? plsss

  141. Jerry

    Great app, thanks Nick. Sorry it got pulled.

  142. Teth

    I followed the tutorial exactly the way the youtube video suggested and I cannot get it to work. I am using a macbook pro, iphone 4. Is there something I am missing or was the app disabled?

    In network preferences, airport comes up as being orange with s self-assigned IP. Suggestions?


  143. Ac

    I tried every windows walkthrough to the T and i can not get this to work on windows 7 with IE Safari or FF am i just Dumb?

  144. ol

    Works fine on my Snow Leopard Mac with Safari, no FF or Mail yet, but i’m sure a bit of time might make it work. Sending this over handy light now. Thanks to the geek who put this out, only $1 :)

  145. MustTether

    There is a Handylight Pro. Is that the same one ?

  146. david

    Does it work on a 3GS with 3.1.3 ?

  147. Rob

    I still cannot get the computer to detect the iphone has connected. Even tried installing a previous version of my wifi card. no dice.

  148. RedStateRyan

    Thanks @MicroCuts7 for instructions for windows machines! Works great for me using my tether to send this :)

  149. darksabre

    For everyone that’s having connection issues even after following all steps, try seeing if you can connect via ip, e.g., connect to Google at

    If that works, it’s a DNS issue (name resolution). Haven’t gotten that part working myself, but at least you’ll know that it’s connecting.

  150. darksabre

    Update: thanks to @fastasleep for suggesting Proxifier… that fixed all the DNS resolution issues w/SOCKS!

  151. John (8BIT)


  152. kap

    OK… I finally got it working with Chrome using Vista. Use the instructions from: http://play-this.org/2010/07/approved-iphone-app-handy-light-holds-free-tethering-easter-egg-instructions/
    The key seems to be in specifying an IP in the SOCK settings as something with 13.37.13.XX where XX is NOT 37.

    I was streaming netflix for a few minutes. Works fine. I’m posting now using it.

  153. Shredrca

    HandyLight Tethering with Safari on Windows XP

    * Windows XP
    * Wifi Adapter
    * Safari 5.0 for Windows

    1. On Windows XP:
    a. Click Start, Settings, Control-Panel
    b. Double-click “Network Connections” icon
    c. Right-click “Wireless Network Connection”
    d. Select Properties
    Select “Show icon in notification area when connected”
    e. Click “Wireless Networks” tab
    f. Click “Advanced” button
    g. Select “Computer-to-computer (ad hoc) networks only”
    h. click Close
    i. Click “Add…” button
    j. For SSID: type “IPHONE-TETHER”
    k. For Data encryption: select “Disabled”
    l. Click OK
    m. Click “General” tab
    n. Double-click “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)”
    o. Select “Use the following IP Address:”
    p. For IP Address: type “”
    q. For Subnet mask: type “”
    r. Click OK, Click OK
    s. Right-click “Wireless Network Connection”
    t. Select “View available wireless networks”
    u. Scroll to bottom and click “IPHONE-TETHER”
    v. Click “Connect” button (Don’t worry if it does not connect)
    w. Leave this Window open

    2. On iPhone:
    a. Tap “Settings”, tap “Wi-Fi”
    b. Tap blue-arrow on “IPHONE-TETHER”
    c. Tap “Static” button
    d. For IP Address, type “”
    e. For Subnet Mark, type “”
    f. Tap “Wi-Fi Networks” on top-left
    g. Tap “IPHONE-TETHER” and make sure there’s a check-mark on it
    h. Click Home Button
    i. Tap “HandyLight”
    j. Tap “Blue”, “Yellow”, then “Red”
    k. Tap Upper-right-corner of the red screen
    l. Verify that you now have a purple screen

    3. On Windows XP:
    a. Open “Safari for Windows”
    b. Click the Tools button on upper-right
    c. Select “Preferences…”
    d. Click “Advanced” tab
    e. Click “Change Settings…” button
    f. Click “LAN Settings” button
    g. Un-select “Automatically detect settigns”
    h. Select “Use proxy server…”
    i. Select “Bypass proxy…”
    j. Click “Advanced” button
    k. Un-select “Use the same proxy…”
    l. For SOCKS: type “” and Port “1337”
    m. Click OK, Click OK, Click OK
    n. Close the Tools menu
    o. Browse to “http://www/google.com”
    p. Chances are this will not work on first try, since you’ll
    notice that the “Network Connections” icon on System Tray
    shows a red “X”. We need to get it to “Connect” first.

    4. Troubleshooting
    a. Repeat Step 2g by connecting to a different network,
    then connect to “IPHONE-TETHER”
    b. While doing so, monitor the “Network Connections” icon on
    your System Tray. Once it connects (shows as “green”),
    try to browse Google website again on Safari.
    c. You might have to click the “Refresh” icon several times
    to get the page to load
    d. Good luck!

  154. edgarphin

    i’ve made a video on youtube to demonstrate how to set up handylight on windows 7 (:

  155. edgarphin


  156. Shredrca

    5. To Force a Connect:
    a. On iPhone: Tap “Settings”, tap “Wi-Fi”
    b. Tap a Network OTHER-THAN “IPHONE-TETHER”
    c. Verify that “IPHONE-TETHER” has no “check-mark”
    d. Tap the “IPHONE-TETHER” until it has a “check-mark”
    e. Note that On your Window XP Wireless Network List window, you’ll
    immediately notice that “IPHONE-TETHER” is now “Connected”
    f. Click iPhone Home Button
    i. Tap “HandyLight”
    j. Tap “Blue”, “Yellow”, then “Red”
    k. Tap Upper-right-corner of the red screen
    l. Verify that you now have a purple screen
    m. On Windows XP, verify that “Network Connections” icon on
    System Tray shows as “connected”
    n. On Safari: browse to “http://www/google.com” or
    click “Refresh” several times
    o. The connection is not stable or persistent on Windows XP, so
    you may have to do steps 5a-5n very quickly

  157. Shredrca

    * Open a Command Prompt window and run this “ping -t″
    It will keep the connection from failing. I’ve actually tether-connected both my Windows XP laptop and MacBookPro at the same time browsing the internet and performance was pretty impressive.

  158. Nate

    @Shredrca Tethering for XP is not working. When added an IP address in step (p) under Window Xp>>>> For IP Address: type “″>>>the IP only take 3 digit numbers, not 2>>>For example, i must add something like for the computer to accept that IP address. And also why is the win XP is given, while the iPhone was given in the static tab and in the Proxy for the Safari with port 1337? Pleasee help!!

  159. fastasleep

    @darksabre – you’re welcome. :) i did a little more searching and still haven’t found any alternatives to proxifier, but since that seems to be working well i’ll just buy it. :)

  160. JR

    I was finally able to set this up with the instructions from the earlier comments. Thanks everyone!

  161. geoffim

    Thank you MicroCuts7

  162. Station16

    Can’t get it to work. Never saw the video and now the video is not available. Trying to set up on MBP. thanks.

  163. gilgaretch

    Had zero luck on my Windows7 machine…the ad-hoc connection was failing at the “Waiting for Users” step, which seems to be a known issue over on the MSFT forums without any easy resolution beyond forcibly downgrading the NIC to Vista drivers heh. Got it working tonight tho. Haven’t fine tuned it yet but the general gist was:

    Connectify-me — create a wifi hotspot, and connect to it with the phone. at this stage I just allowed it to set IP via DHCP, and recorded the IP/subnet.

    Tested with ipconfig /all, and ping to the assigned phone IP, communication good.

    Wireless Network Connection 2 -> Properties -> TCP/IP v.4 — this is the virtual adapter created by Connectify-me. Changed the static IP to match the xxx.xxx.xxx and subnet assigned to the phone via DHCP, with an arbitrary final value. eg, where phone was given Assigned DNS server to, backup

    Tested again with ipconfig /all, and ping to the assigned phone IP, communication still good.

    Proxifier -> Proxy Settings -> Add — plug in the IP of the phone, , port 1337, SOCKS v.4, and checkbox ‘Use SOCKS 4A Extension’

    Immediately everything lit up. No additional configuration of apps required so far. FTP worked fine once I enabled PASV mode. CNET Bandwidth meter showed 483 kbps. Speedtest.net reported 302ms ping, 1.2Mb/s download, and 0.11Mb/s upload to a nearby server; 318ms ping, 0.68Mb/s download, and 0.11Mb/s upload to a physically remote (but continentally local) server.

    Next step / goal will be to get all of the setting static and happy so I can just flip the switch, so to speak, and use this on the road with minimal reconfiguration.

  164. Mike

    I protest!!!!! Apple can’t take it out since according to the guide lines it’s does what’s it’s suppose to do! So they should not remove the application!
    I’m calling to Apple to re-insert this application! It’s a good flashlight! and it is working and functioning as it was described in the description! They should not take it down!!!

  165. superjuf

    Try sneaking it in again! I’d love to buy this app!

  166. Shredrca

    iPad-WiFi Tethering using HandyLight+iPhone+MacBook:

    1. Requirements:
    a. iPhone with iOS4 and HandyLight using ad-hoc network name “IPHONE-TETHER”
    b. MacBook or MacBookPro already configured to tether with iPhone
    c. iPad-Wifi

    2. Start by tethering your MacBook to the iPhone using HandyLight
    a. Verify that you can browse “http://www.google.com”

    3. Configure MacBook Apache to serve PAC file
    a. Open MacBook Terminal APP
    b. Type “cd /Users/myusername/Sites” and Enter (replace myusername with yours)
    c. Type “vi proxy.pac” and Enter
    d. Press “i”
    e. Type this: function FindProxyForURL(url, host) { return “SOCKS″; }
    f. Press ESC
    g. Type “:wq!” and press Enter

    4. Configure Apache to allow local traffic
    a. Type “sudo vi /etc/apache2/users/myusername.conf” and press Enter (replace myusername with yours)
    b. Press “i”
    c. Type this:
    d. Press Enter
    e. Type this: Options Indexes MultiViews
    f. Press Enter
    g. Type this: AllowOverride None
    h. Press Enter
    i. Type this: Order allow,deny
    j. Press Enter
    k. Type this: Allow from all
    l. Press Enter
    m. Type this:
    n. Press Enter
    o. Press ESC
    p. Type “:wq!” and press Enter

    5. Enable Web Sharing
    a. Click Apple, click System-Preferences, click Sharing
    b. Put a check-mark on “Web Sharing”
    c. Write down the URL under “Your Personal Website:”

    6. Configure iPad to use Ad-Hoc Network
    a. On the iPad, click Settings, click Wi-Fi
    b. Click the blue-arrow on “IPHONE-TETHER” ad-hoc network
    c. Click “Static” button
    d. For IP Address: type “”
    Note: iPhone is by default
    e. For Subnet Mask: type “”
    f. Click “Auto” button
    g. For URL: type “http://MYMACBOOK.local/~myusername/proxy.pac”
    h. Click “Wi-Fi Networks”
    i. Click “IPHONE-TETHER” to activate the connection
    j. Click Home button
    k. Open Safari and browse to “http://www.google.com”

    7. Troubleshooting
    a. Verify you can see the PAC file by using Safari to browse:
    b. You should see the contents of the PAC file
    c. Good luck!

  167. Rudy

    Can any one advice: I can connect to the internet on safari but can send or receive emails on a mac, any suggestions?

  168. Chris H

    This is what I did for Windows 7. I followed the instruction someone posted about, but felt like a few steps were missing or not explained.

    Create AD HOC Network and name it. Mine “Tether”
    Go to (search) “View Network Connections”
    Right Click on “Wireless Network Connection”
    Click Properties
    Click “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”
    Click Properties
    Click on the “Alternate Configuration” tab
    Click on “User Configured”
    Click the “Use the Following IP address” radio button
    IP Address:
    Go to “Network and Internet”
    Click on “Internet Options”
    Click on “Connections” tab
    Click on LAN Settings
    Deselect “Automatically Detect Settings”
    Select “Use a Proxy Server…”
    Click “Advanced”

    Connect to Ad Hoc network.
    HandyLight Blue, Yellow, Red, Upper Right (Purple Screen)

    Good to go. A little labor intensive.

  169. Chris H

    Upon trying my configuration again I would connect the iPhone first.

  170. Chris H

    Wow is it temperamental during setup!

  171. Scott

    I am reading on some online forums that we will not be able to use this app if someone sends it to us since it is not signed to us (i.e. we did not purchase it through the app store) or have their username/password to authorize it on our computer. Just something to maybe consider. If someone finds out differently let us know and hit me up in email (address above).

  172. k2ramair

    Anyone have their Visual Voicemail quick working after installing this?

  173. Tom

    Is this back on the App Store as HandyLight+?


  174. gilgaretch

    More likely people riding the coattails to make a quick buck

  175. dizzle

    My Handy Light app doesn’t start with that screen with the color blocks on the bottom. It starts with a menu screen. Help!

  176. chris

    I. have just tethered. my. iPhone 3GS to my. iMac. using. Bluetooth
    After updating to ios4 I found a new menu settings>Network>Internet Tethering

    just turn on Internet Tethering and instructions for USB or Bluetooth tethering apperception on your iPhone screen.

    My iPhone was not supplied by AT&T it is unlocked so.I don’t know if that makes any difference.

  177. Smerg

    Give it up. It won’t work without jailbreaking, and if you jailbreak you won’t need it….

  178. Fletch

    App is back for some reason. Anyone know if it still works?

  179. Marianne Schultz

    It’s not the same app – it’s one by another developer using a similar app icon. I’d guess he’s doing this intentionally to try to get people looking for the original app.

  180. news countries

    Awesome… Is there a way to get it working with iPad?

  181. Michael Taboada

    I heard that this app had been pulled down, so I just searched to make sure.
    I found one called handy light plus, and it seems to do the same stuff (at least in the behaviors E.G. you hit blue then yellow then red and then hit the top right corner and it turns purple).
    However, I can’t figure out how to get it working with my windows seven laptop.
    I created an ad-hoc network with my laptop, and then connected the iPhone to it.
    I set the ip address info to static, and put in and
    I then tried going to internet explorer, going to internet options, and clicking on the connections tab> lan settings> use a proxy and putting in port 1337.
    I try connecting with skype, some games, and internet explorer, and it doesn’t seem to work.
    When I go to the wireless icon on the system tray, it says unidentified network no internet access.
    I try pinging and get a transmition failure.
    Also, the ip address on the laptop looks something like 169.254.x.y which seems to mean it is a private ip address and it’s not connecting with the iPhone.
    Also the subnet mask is
    I should say that I connected my laptop to the ad-hoc network too.
    Any help on getting this resolved (and seeing if this app is even the right one) is greatly appreciated.

  182. Michael Taboada

    I just noticed that there was a comment that said that app I mentioned in my previous comment was a fake.
    Is there any way I can get the original app?
    Or if there isn’t, does anyone know of another way to get free tethering with iPhone 4 without jailbreaking?

  183. Herve


    New at this…. I want to use it between a 3G and an IPAD. I don’t want to mess up my IMAC set up at home…any suggestions or did I miss something?

    thanks for your help

  184. Jands72

    Mabey he will put the app on the new openappmkt store.

  185. drpantzo

    No luck with iPhone 3G (not 3GS) running IOS 4.0.1 and MacBook Pro running OS 10.6.4. Setting MBP’s address manually to got me able to ping the iPhone (, but I can’t ping the outside world, such as Google ( Does anyone even know for a fact that Handylight will work with the 3G?

  186. Lazaros

    The application that is available right now at apple store is a copy that does not have the tethering functionality. Mark Sands, the guy that developed this fake app, explains why he wrote this app at his website: http://52apps.net/

  187. Rodville

    I just downloaded the app at 10:54AM on 8/10/10 I don’t know why everyone is saying it’s been pulled. Did Apple put it back?

  188. music guy

    I can have it work with a mac but as far as an ipad no luck. I have found detailed instructions for mac and windows but ipad ones confusing. Can you still upgrade iphone os and have it still work? Those that know please respond.

  189. Fatman

    Everyone is saying this was pulled from the apple store. But I found it and downloaded it to my Iphone from the apps search. Looked under tethering. Get it quick.

  190. secret

    @music guy

    I have it running on 4.1, don’t see any issues.

  191. hanny

    Will this tethering work for iPhone/iPod? Has anyone tried it?

  192. rk

    This was a wasted buck. why still charge money if it no longer works and the tethering app was deleted

  193. Fabrice

    What about the connexion in others telephone apart from iphone?

  194. Jay

    i wonder if still works i tried but i can’t make it work??

  195. Chria

    @Jay: It still works. I am using it right now.

  196. Kevin

    i set it up like the instructions. can’t get it to work. iPhone3Gs, jailbroken, Mac OSX 10.6.6

  197. Bill Condie

    It’s still there, I just purchased it.

    How to I get to SOCKS proxy on Windows 7?

  198. Bill Condie

    How to I get to SOCKS proxy on Windows 7?

    I worked it out

  199. Esr

    Found the app at the store, bought it but no purple :( is the current version really just a flashlight?

  200. Marianne Schultz


    The apps with similar names currently in the App Store are NOT the same and do not provide any tethering functionality. They were created by developers hoping to fool people into buying them using a similar name.

  201. spy iphone

    Ok, I don’t under stand the socks proxy. After google I still don’t understand how to get there. Oh, and I believe the reason is because I’m on PC (begrudgingly) and I’v already had to translate half this video so it will work on PC

    Please help. I hope I’m not Necroposting.

  202. Smaster

    its very hard to do this on a pc. I am a pc guy but i must admit it is very hard the first time on a pc.

  203. Smaster

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3WaQP9frug *NOTE* I do not own this video.

  204. George

    Hello has annyone help me whit THE settings for win xp

  205. Drm9

    So there is an extra fee even if you have the $25 monthly data plan? For AT&T??

  206. Madmadona1

    What a joke no body is willing to upload a copy of this app
    It would be so easy to do just drag it out of their iTunes
    My user name is my g mail will some body email me a copy?
    This is so frustrating to read all about this app but all the copies out there are fake
    They had stuff taken out of them!
    Apple pulled this they claimed it to be a Trojan – so no app piracy laws protect it they claim this to be illegal app
    And were I am the Carriers would love people to have this … Tethering takes so much data in one month that carriers here do not have a plan available …. People cancel phone plans with the carriers because they can not pay the bill… So they loss customers … Carriers here would rather see customers tether with an app like this and stay on as clients on a contract ,than get such a high bill and cancel it!
    Will any body email me a copy? What is wrong with people ? Why any body won’t ?
    I would buy it if it was available from apple

  207. Marianne Schultz


    Even if someone were to email you this app, you would still need their iTunes password in order to install it on your iPhone. I doubt anyone would trust a complete stranger with that bit of information. I know I wouldn’t.

    Marianne Schultz

  208. Madmadona1

    @ Marianne …. I did not ask gor that!
    All I asked. For was. A Copy of the original
    That is it. I was not talking about syncing it with my phone
    As long as it is the original
    People are brained washed to think that you need to jail breake your phone in order to do that
    You can just do it with out any body’s pass word trust me on this;)
    You can resign the app

  209. Madmadona1

    @Marriane there seem to be another app that just came out
    Well I am typing after midnight so it came out yesterday … Still up

  210. Madmadona1

    Damn I hope some of you saw this and got it
    App just removed :(

  211. Otis Wike

    Try your home telephone number or whatever phone number is listed below your name on the order

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