Flashlight Apps for iPhone 4 in the Works

MacRumors points out that developers are already working on apps that use the iPhone 4’s LED light as a flashlight. If you have an iPhone 4 or have tested one out in person, you’ve probably noticed that its LED light is exceptionally bright and it was inevitable that the idea of using it solely as a flashlight popped into the heads of enterprising developers. What is unknown, however, is whether or not this use of the LED light is acceptable under the iOS SDK and we’re not sure if the apps that don’t provide any other functionality will be approved.

Of course, it’s possible to skip getting a dedicated app for this and simply open the Camera app, switch it to video mode and then turn on the LED light manually. However, this takes multiple taps and the advantage of a dedicated flashlight app would be in decreasing the number of steps it takes to turn the light on.

Developer Artamata has posted a video of its flashlight app, dubbed Power Light, demonstrating how it works:

Artamata’s app has been submitted to Apple and is awaiting approval and we’ve heard of a few others already in the approval queue as well.

We have found one app already in the App Store that touts itself as a flashlight app for the iPhone 4 – Laan Labs’ CameraLight hit the App Store yesterday and sells for $.99. We tested it out to see if it works as claimed and found that it doesn’t quite fit the bill. When the app is opened, the LED light on our iPhone 4 flashes briefly and then turns off though the app indicates that the light is on. Turning the light on requires tapping twice on the app’s light button, first to switch it off and then again to turn it back on. So, CameraLight doesn’t quite function as expected as a flashlight app. The app also works as a camera app for low-light conditions, showing the viewfinder image with a red or green overlay to avoid ruining your night vision, though this overlay is unfortunately saved with any photos captured with the app.

If you’re looking for just a simple flashlight app for your iPhone 4, CameraLight isn’t a good choice though it could be if the app is fixed to keep the LED light on when it’s opened. Otherwise, you can keep your fingers crossed that the other flashlight apps will be approved by Apple.


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