Apps with iAds Integration Appearing in App Store

A few apps that are already prepared for the official go-live of Apple’s iAds service have appeared in the App Store. iAds promises interactive advertising within apps and offers a 40%/60% revenue sharing split between Apple and developers who use the service. As announced earlier this month at the WWDC keynote event, iAds will go live on July 1 and advertisers have already committed more than $60 million of ad purchases with the service for the second half of 2010.  iAds is built into iOS 4, which will be released today.

Developer Avantar is on the ball, with most of its apps now including iAds integration:


White & Yellow Pages

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iOS Universal

Do you need to find a business? What about a friend? We can help you with both. With all the offerings of the Yellow Pages combined with the access of the White Pages, this app turns your iPhone,...




there is also the app “TextGroups with iAd” which allow to send text messages to groups without having to add contacts one by one with the built-in messages app

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