NDrive USA GPS App on Sale for $2.99

NDrive just let us know that its full-featured GPS app that offers coverage for the entire U.S. is on sale for $2.99 for the first 1,000,000 downloads, This promotion is intended to help increase the company’s visibility in the U.S. There’s no telling how quickly those 1,000,000 downloads will go, so we advise that you get moving and download it as soon as possible!

USA, 21 May 2010— After seriously impacting the European Apple App Market, NDrive Navigation Application Solutions S.A, a leading iPhone on-board navigation system in the Apple App Store in countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and Brazil has launched a campaign today to offer a promotional price of $2.99 for the first 1,000,000 downloads in the United States.

Their campaign seeks to make NDrive software appealing to the masses of hardworking individuals in the US. The launch will leverage their core-competencies which include an excellent development team while staying true to their motto, ‘It’s not what the software does. It’s what the user does.’ Whether you’re a taxi driver in the big apple or a white collar weekend warrior, NDrive has targeted you. Their Application turns your iPhone 3G/3GS into a fully functioning GPS navigation device that is ready to use in the car, while walking in the city or during outdoor adventures.

App Critics agree that NDrive USA Version 10 has great usability, fluid GPS tracking, and fully functional signposts and info-lanes which are sound improvements to their existing platform.

Like competing apps from Navigon and TomTom, NDrive USA stores all map data within the app on your iPhone so there’s no need for a subscription or an internet connection to get navigation guidance. Weighing in at almost 1.8GB, it’s recommended that you purchase the app through iTunes on your computer and then transfer it to your iPhone to avoid any data overage fees or other issues.


NDrive USA

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- Turn your Iphone into a FULLY FUNCTIONING GPS NAVIGATION DEVICE with all map data stored in memory. This way you can NAVIGATE WITHOUT THE USE OF FURTHER DATA OR NETWORK QUALITY PROBLEMS. - Get a...



It’s a nice app but … it cannot find my house. I travel a lot around MD. for work. Most of my GPS use has been with MotionX, which for me is Awesome. My favorite feature is Live Guidance. I decided to try Ndrive because of the memory storage because sometimes MotionX looses its GPS signal. Ndrive took me to the front door of the local BJ’s but returned me to my neigborhood but two miles from my house. My concern is, this happening when I am looking a address for work? A couple other complaints are difficult to program. YuK! Big fingers might get you a address in Alaska plus night time the GPS does not go to dark mode like most GPS. Yes, I checked the settings and the modes include auto but it didn’t work. MotionX, for $.99 is a far better choice and it doesn’t use up your hard drive.


Ndrive products are crap and the customer service is worse, That’s if you get any all there customer service is done by email and it’s all from Porto in Portugal. How dodgy is that?

I would not trust this company or it’s shifty profucts anymore they’re shithouse.

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