Comcast Xfinity Remote iPad App Will Control Your Cable Box

Engadget points out that Comcast showed off a prototype of an iPad app at the National Cable & Telecommunications Association show today that can control your Comcast cable box.

The app will pair with a cable box through the internet. Once paired, the app will be able to change the channel on a cable box and allow remote programming of a DVR, as well as letting users browse and search the channel guide and On Demand offerings. Users can invite friends to watch shows within the app and when a friend accepts an invitation, the app will change the channel automatically on his/her cable box.

As to when the app will be available, the Comcast blog states:

We’ve got developers working now to finish and launch this application. We’re building in some pretty cool social features like chat and the ability to invite friends to watch what you are viewing.

The app is demonstrated in a YouTube video:

Comcast already offers the Comcast Mobile App (free) for the iPhone in the App Store. This app also lets users browse the channel guide and On Demand offerings and schedule DVR recordings remotely. It also provides access to Comcast email and voicemail accounts. As functional as that app is, we are definitely looking forward to the Xfinity Remote app.