Monthly Archives: April 2010

A Quick Look at Two iPad Weather Apps

A few of the apps that are included out-of-the-box with the iPhone are conspicuously absent on the iPad. Among these are the weather, calculator, and stock price apps. Fortunately, third-party developers have already provided several options as alternatives to these missing apps in the App Store. For weather hounds, there are a couple of free… Read more »

NewsRack Is Full-Featured RSS Reader for iPad

With thousands of apps available on launch day, iPad users are already finding that it takes some time to wade through the App Store’s offerings. When it comes to RSS feed reader apps, there are already several available for the iPad and omz:software’s NewsRack is one that caught our eye with an update on April 3… Read more »

iPad & iPhone & Selected Category Filtered RSS Feeds

In keeping with the expansion of the What’s New filtering, we’ve updated the RSS feeds to match. Most noticeably, you’ll find iPhone/iPad filtering enabled! You’ll also find that logged in users will get a personal feed url when clicking any of the RSS links at the top of the page. Thus the feeds only include… Read more »

iPad & iPhone App Filtering Is Here!

The iPad apps are coming in strong, and we’re keeping the site updated to go along with. The What’s New page has seen some changes over the last few days given the flood of new iPad apps to reach AppShopper. We appreciate all your comments and suggestions, and pleased to introduce App filtering by iPhone… Read more »

Kindle for iPad Now in App Store

Shortly after the announcement that it was in the works for the iPad, Amazon’s Kindle app is now in the App Store in universal format to work on both the iPhone and iPad. Compared to Apple’s own iBookstore, Amazon’s library is massive, boasting about 450,000 titles while the iBookstore will have only about 60,000 at… Read more »

‘Sites’ Brings Flexible Web Browsing to iPad

The App Store has absolutely exploded with iPad apps in the past 24 hours since they first started appearing. From Netflix to Apple’s own iBooks making appearances along with an app for just about everything else in between, there will be no shortage of apps from which to choose for lucky buyers who pick up their pre-reserved… Read more »

iPad Apps Now Live in App Store

We mentioned just the other day that iPad apps were starting to appear in the App Store database. Now, less than 48 hours before the iPad is scheduled to go on sale in the U.S., iPad apps are now live in the App Store (link opens iTunes), as pointed out by Gizmodo. While there is… Read more »

Netflix Streaming Coming to an iPad Near You

iPad news is exploding across the internet with the release of reviews by prominent technology journalists as more and more iPad apps come under the spotlight. A summary and links to the various iPad reviews is over at MacRumors and the latest list of iPad apps already in the App Store database can be seen… Read more »