Urbanspoon Brings Restaurant Information to iPad

Urbanspoon, the online user-driven restaurant review and discovery service, became available for the iPad this morning. The app uses the iPad’s location services capability to show local restaurant search results, including menu information and reviews.

The iPad’s larger screen allows Urbanspoon’s cute spinner search selection tool and a map or list of search results to be displayed at the same time, unlike the iPhone version.

Tapping on a pin marking a restaurant on the map brings up the restaurant’s name and quick stats about its popularity and menu pricing.

Tapping the blue arrow brings up a new pane with more detail.

Tapping on the View Details link within that pane takes you to the restaurant’s individual page on the Urbanspoon web site.

An internet connection is required to search for restaurants beyond what was cached when the app last had internet access, so this app won’t be quite as useful for the Wi-Fi-only iPad models on the go as it will be on the soon-to-arrive 3G-enabled models.

Since the iPad lacks a camera, Urbanspoon for iPad misses out on the augmented reality view offered in the iPhone version.

Both Urbanspoon for iPad and Urbanspoon for iPhone/iPod touch are free.