CourseSmart Puts Textbooks on iPad

CourseSmart, a company that offers textbooks in digital format to students and educators, now has an iPad-specific app to complement its iPhone version released last year. eTextBooks for the iPad hit the App Store over the weekend and is free.

The CourseSmart service provides access to over 10,000 electronic textbooks at prices about 50% less than their paper counterparts. It works under a subscription model and first requires a free account to browse and buy books, which is done in an online store on the web and not directly in the app.

The price and subscription duration are listed for each textbook in the online store. Purchased textbooks can be accessed for the full duration of the subscription either online or via the iPad or iPhone apps.

With the announcement of the iPad, CourseSmart promised an enhanced app that would take advantage of the iPad’s features, namely its larger screen. CourseSmart envisions even more features for the app in the future as demonstrated by this video posted on its site:

The CourseSmart app for the iPad is available now and is free.

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