Wunder Radio Brings Radio Streaming to iPad

Wunder Radio by Weather Underground was released to the App Store in Universal format last night, adding an iPad-specific interface to the popular radio streaming app.

The primary view in Wunder Radio on the iPad is a web tab that displays information on the station and song currently playing, with a song history list on the right. iTunes links are provided where possible to make it easy to purchase songs on the go. Tapping on an iTunes link will open the iTunes app. Since third-party apps cannot run in the background on the iPad, Wunder Radio will close and music will stop playing.

Wunder Radio can use the iPad’s location services to find local stations and a search bar is available to search the RadioTime database and the web for more sources. A web browser is also built in to help while away the time as you listen to a station.

Favorite stations can be bookmarked for easy access later.

The Settings menu includes a sleep timer that will close the app after 1 to 120 minutes, as well as web and streaming settings options.

The Show Fireworks option in the Settings mimics the iTunes Visualizer, showing animated graphics to complement what you’re listening to, though they are far less sophisticated than what iTunes offers.

The information button reveals a small pop-up to show song and station details and a volume slider (the volume buttons on the iPhone and iPad both serve to adjust volume as well, of course).

Since the app is Universal, the same version will work on both the iPad and the iPhone with an appropriately formatted interface for each device. iPhone users with a new iPad who had purchased Wunder Radio before this update will be happy to know that this version is available at no charge. For everyone else, Wunder Radio costs $6.99.