02 APR

iPad & iPhone App Filtering Is Here!

by chris

The iPad apps are coming in strong, and we’re keeping the site updated to go along with. The What’s New page has seen some changes over the last few days given the flood of new iPad apps to reach AppShopper. We appreciate all your comments and suggestions, and pleased to introduce App filtering by iPhone and iPad.

“iPhone” includes both “iPhone & iPod Touch” compatible apps. You may combine these settings with any of the others filter settings.


  1. Jim

    How do I get just iPad apps in the RSS feed?

  2. chris

    Coming Soon! Stay tuned.

  3. iPhone 3G

    Is it possible to see the number of apps for iPad only?

    Total Apps

    Total Apps Approved: 209057
    Total Available Apps: 179756

    BUT for iPad only?

  4. queenmarylady

    Thanks Chris! Much easier to navigate through the apps now with the ipad ones seperated from the iphone apps. :)

  5. chris

    Yes, thanks everyone for all your concerns. I am presently working on the RSS feeds to include integration with the iPhone/iPad switch. Stay tuned for more!

  6. RichS

    Couldn’t you add a filter so that I can get all the apps that I can use on my iPod touch? I know that most are interchangable, but some of the apps require the phone capablities or camera features of the iPhone.

  7. iPhone 3G

    Wow! Thanks Chris for the quick addition of seeing total iPad apps.

    Total Available iPhone Apps: 178194
    Total Available iPad Apps: 3257

    WOW so many apps already!!

  8. Wil

    On the drop down Categories, instead of just a drop down list of categories, can you add a check box next to each categories so that we can uncheck (EXCLUDE, filter out) the categories that are not interested.

    Since the iPad launch, there are tons of ebook flooded the app list. I wish to see only the new applications list instead of all the new books…


  9. chris

    The ability to do this exists, just on the profile page, not within the category select itself.


  10. Wes

    Fantastic work you’re doing!


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