Netflix Streaming Coming to an iPad Near You

iPad news is exploding across the internet with the release of reviews by prominent technology journalists as more and more iPad apps come under the spotlight. A summary and links to the various iPad reviews is over at MacRumors and the latest list of iPad apps already in the App Store database can be seen right here on AppShopper.

While there had been much speculation about Netflix streaming coming to the iPhone, the appearance of a streaming app for the iPad was a bit unexpected but it will clearly be a winner for iPad users with Netflix accounts.

Get Netflix on your iPad. Just download this free app and you can instantly watch TV shows & movies streaming from Netflix.
• Watch as often as you want
• It’s part of your unlimited Netflix membership
• Resume watching where you left off on your TV or computer
• Browse movies and manage your Queue right from your iPad
Not a Netflix member? Join today and get a 2-week free trial.

The least expensive Netflix unlimited plan that includes streaming costs $8.99 per month. The Netflix iPad app will be free and can be downloaded starting on April 3.

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