Card Games Galore To Be Available for iPad

Card game developers are having a field day preparing their apps for the iPad. iPad users looking for solitaire and other more challenging card games will be able to shuffle virtual card decks on the iPad’s release day or very soon afterward.

First, Lucrative Software announced that Thirty One will be available for the iPad, featuring higher-resolution graphics and support for play in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Thirty One for the iPhone made it to’s Readers’ Favorite Apps of 2009 list, coming in at #5. Thirty One for the iPhone costs $.99 and Thirty One Lite is available for free.

Digital Smoke has announced that Solitaire City will be available for the iPad, targeted to be out on launch day on April 3. All Solitaire City versions will be universal applications – meaning the same apps will work on both the iPad and iPhone – and those who have already purchased the iPhone app will be able to download the new universal version at no cost. For new customers, Solitaire City Deluxe will be $5.99, Solitaire City Classic will be $.99, and Solitaire City Lite will be free.

Solitaire City was reviewed in a solitaire game round-up by iLounge and earned a B score, notable for its online leaderboard and visual appeal.

Last but not least, Astraware has stated that it’s aiming to have Astraware Solitaire and a few other titles available at the iPad’s launch. iPad versions may be launched separately at first, to be followed by universal applications later that will work on both the iPad and iPhone.

The current iPhone version of Astraware Solitaire features 12 games and costs $.99.



I think what they are doing with Solitaire City is a great plan of attack. I already own it for the iphone and while I understand they need to put man hours into developing a version that will work on the ipad, it shows me that they understand that when someone spends 4 or 5 or 6 bucks on an app, they kinda deserve a little help when it comes to a new platform.

Patricia hughes

I find the canasta games do not five derails of how the scores are arrived at. On my mac I have Hoyle card games 2011 and reel deal canasta are these available for ipad2. Thank you.

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