22 FEB

Graph of Apps removed from App Store

by arn

Over the past weekend. The majority of the removals seem to be because of Apple’s new policy to eliminate “overtly sexual” apps.


  1. Rory

    There were far too many of those sleazy apps… I certainly wont miss them.

  2. Toni

    If you want to help support parents trying to keep obscene apps in a separate category & AWAY from children, please join our group!


  3. Chris

    For everyone mad that apple is removing the adult natured apps, they are a private company and can do this. If you want to be mad, be mad and don’t buy any apple products, but quit whining. If you need to see pornography on your iphone so bad, use your safari browser.

  4. Christina

    I purchased words with friends, now everytime I hit icon it keeps “updating” and back to home page!!! I can’t play game! Please fix this!

  5. Rose Appleseed

    There are still plenty of non offensive sexual materials that are still out there. Our app Kama Krazy was just approved last week. Check it out!

  6. Sue

    Where did bayview labs “Retail tycoon” go? There was no sexual content on it but it’s no longer listed on Itunes. Wished I’d backed up before I deleted it accidentally.

  7. Perks

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