Introducing “Popular” App Activity

switchYou’ll notice the front page ( brings you to the What’s New tab switched to the “Popular” view by default. ¬†This list represents a boiled-down view of the Apps that receive the most interesting amount of activity on

You can, of course, still view the exhaustive “All” App activity list by switching over using the All/Popular switch, or find it directly at ¬†Additionally, many variations of the All/Popular App activity are available via RSS links.





I want the old one, coz I would like to see all the app when i open not only the Popular.


@momo: if you switch to “all” view, it will remember it for the next time you load

So best of both worlds.



Nice feature addition, though it looks strange in Opera 10 for some reason. Suddenly there’s a big gap between the 1st and second app on any page.


Another in a long line of great improvements — Thanks, arn.

Could you take a look to see if a small bug might have been just introduced? Each time I click “Next Page” the keyboard focus moves to the “Search” box instead of the main page. The result is that I need to click again on the main page before I can use the “PgUp” / “PgDn” keys.


First I’ll say I love the “popular” feature you’ve added because it doesn’t show the Top 100, but rather the most recent popular apps. It’s great for finding new apps and not just stupid flashlight/fart apps on the Top 100 that never fall. So kudos for that.
There’s one feature that I hope you’ll be able to add for the Wishlist tab. I have one hell of a Wishlist and unfortunately there’s no way to arrange the apps by price. That would make a huge difference for me, and probably lots of other people, if I can see what my cheapest apps on my Wishlist are if I want to buy one. Here’s to hoping you guys can add that.
Thanks! Keep it up!

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