Multiple Screenshots Now Available

Still working on some other features, but I managed to release a small one tonight. App pages now have multiple screenshots from the App. This primarily is true for new updates, so if you search, apps that haven’t been updated for a while may not have all screenshots shown.

But all the new ones have them, and over time, the rest will catch up.

For an example, see TileMatch and click on the left and right arrows.



Wow! That’s really great! Now I don’t have to wait for iTunes to open for me to see the rest of the screenshots!

Thanks a lot for that. 🙂


Now you’re cookin with grease! You should let us register an account with u so we can customize our experience such as auto-filter out categories and bookmark apps set how many listings per page, etc.


Is “AppShopper.ipa” the next application to appear on the AppStore ?
Would be great…

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