Temporary Pause on Updates

We’re doing some upgrades and maintenance on the site tonight (Sat, October 25th), so you may not see updates for a long period of time (hours). Don’t worry, they are being recorded, but will show up all at once later in the evening (if all goes well).

We have a number of features that have been requested, and hopefully those will be coming soon.

Update: Things are sort of working now, but we will still be on slower than usual updates during Sunday. It should be worth it in the end. We’ll be back up to usual (and more) on Monday.



Hey Arn,
Just to let you know – your AppShopper ROCKS!!! (I’m 55 years old, and essentially *never* describe anything as “ROCKS” – but AppShopper deserves it!)

I have pointed all my iPhone-toting friends and acquaintances to AppShopper.

Please keep up the outstanding work.

Best Regards,

— Jim


Hey Jim,

I agree with you completely about how awesome AppShopper is. You made me laugh (in a good way) with your comment about your age and how it ROCKS. Next time to use RAWKS and you’ll fit in with the kids half your age 😉


Again,thanks for this great site,I’m sort of addicted to it already,checking a few times a day.Or any hour,to be honest. 😉

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