12 OCT

App Store Taking a Holiday?

by arn

No need to adjust you settings, the App Store seems to have taken Sunday off.

Maybe it’s due to the holiday weekend, but the App Store is uncharacteristically quiet today, with no new Apps, no App Updates or Price Changes being reflected in the store. It’s not like this every Sunday.

Last Sunday we saw:

  • 53 New Apps
  • 28 Version Updates
  • 21 Price Changes

But there’s still a little time, and many of the app releases do seem to happen later in the evening.


  1. DT

    So, no “new” is good news?

  2. DrDavid

    I’ve become addicted to this site! It’s so easy to find the great deals, and discover new apps! But, yes.. I was worried that the site was broken since there had been no new updates! :-o Glad to hear it was just a slow news day :P

  3. werewolf15

    argh. its only been a day but i’m already acting like a mom having paranoia over her kid’s first day in preschool. where ARE the apps??

  4. rob

    Actually, my app’s update was approved very late last night. Though, it didn’t seem to get bumped up on the iPhone app store list and the version number wasn’t incremented. Seemed odd to me.

  5. felipe

    still no news on the appstore or is it just me?

  6. maikelg

    Somehow I have the feeling that the app Store will return later today or maybe even tomorrow in another form or with a new layout or something.

  7. Pieter

    It does take a awfull long time to give us some changes or updates,maybe a new app store is coming…..

  8. Eric

    It is awfully quiet in the app store. The new macbooks will be announced tomorrow. Maybe a firmware upgrade (2.2) is in the works.

  9. Scott

    I am so anxious right now. I don’t really care if any new apps come out. I just want there to be some price drops. Hardly anything big has happened in the app store all weekend.

  10. felipe

    i just got an update on Clinometer but it doesn’t appear on appshopper

  11. felipe

    there it is :D

  12. Renzo

    Spotlights turns to notebook and abandons for one day the AppStore

  13. DrDavid

    Seems to be back in business.

  14. Renzo

    If you want to see new MacBook Pro:

  15. M. Elwan

    you know the App Store is entitled to a break ;)

  16. SteveT

    We dropped the price on Puzzoodle but it took over 24 hrs to show. My bet would be that the Laptop Event had things tied up in Cupertino.

  17. Todd M

    Gentlemen, I LOVE this site. Great information, great interface.

    I’d like to see a simple comment system on each app’s detail page so people can post reviews and tips, and hopefully an ability to SUBSCRIBE to an application, so I can be emailed when price changes and updates and comments happen.


  18. John

    Have you given any thought to limiting the number of listings in the RSS feeds to “good apps”, where good is determined by you? Because, let’s face it, there’s a hell of a lot of shite being pumped out for the AppStore. By my reckoning, a good 90% of the stuff in the feed is utter rubbish.

    Also, some apps are being promoted where they probably shouldn’t. Take, for example, the 8 dollar wikipedia app which requires 2GB of drive space (that’s one fricken huge download!) and which isn’t affiliated with wikipedia!!! That’s simply a scam. Then again, it’s Apple’s fault for allowing this sort of shite in the first place.

  19. M. Elwan


    I agree with most of what you said, but when Apple used some of its power to moderate Apps, people freaked out and developers started bashing Apple.

    Apple is in a tough position right now and people are accusing it either way. If all it takes is some “brains” to filter out the garbage in the App Store, then so be it.

  20. Bill Holz

    Marvelous site, I’m sorry I missed the last month. I’m amazed by so many decent apps. Does any one now if we will always be limited to 9 pages of Apps plus what we put on Delicious. I feel like I will need to carry a Itouch with me as well.

    Does any one know of a site that reviews a lot of the Apps, I know of the magazine ones but no Others.


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