Scientific Calculator Elite

Scientific Calculator Elite

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Scientific Calculator Elite™ is one of the most complete scientific calculators available for iOS. This fully featured scientific calculator looks and operates like the real thing.

Looking for fractions? Unit conversion and calculations with dimensional units? NO Ads? All this and more can be found with Scientific Calculator Elite™.

Scientific Calc Elite™ includes the following functions:
* Fractions
* Decimal to fraction conversions
* Degrees/minutes/seconds conversion and calculations
* Unit conversions as well as calculations with units
* Built-in constants
* Percentages
* Exponentials
* Square and square root
* Cube and cube root
* nth root of X
* X to power of n
* Logorithms, natural logs, log base2
* Hyperbolic sin, cos, tan
* Absolute values
* Random number generation
* Feet, inch, and fractional inch combinations supported
* Factorials
* Summations
* Memory storage
* Trig functions in degrees, radians or grads (DMS)
* Full built-in help
* Parathesis
* Selectable 'Order of Operation' or 'Chaining Method' modes
* Large easy to use buttons
* Selectable haptic feedback (audio and vibe)
* Absolutely No Ads

Convert function Categories:
* Distance
* Area
* Volume
* Flow
* Velocity
* Pressure
* Force
* Temperature
* Mass
* Time
* Energy
* Power
* Data Size
* Data Rate

If you are not 100% satisfied with this calculator please email us at [email protected] so we can make things right before posting any negative reviews. We read all emails. We are also open to any suggestions you may have for future enhancements to this scientific calculator.

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-Overall performance and compatibility improvements for latest iOS platforms.

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