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NixieFx is a cool retro clock for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It uses 1960s-style “Nixie tube” digits which had a distinctive warm amber glow.


NixieFx lets you customize your clock display, with variable digit size, orientation and reflective glass filter. Clock options include:-

* 12/24 hour display
* date display on/off
* seconds display on/off
* auto-formatting of date display to local settings
* disable auto-sleep mode

NOTE: To open the settings page, just touch and hold the screen.


The date display will automatically detect your regional settings, so for example the date 23 November 2008 will be displayed in these regions as so:-

US: 11 23 08
UK/ EU: 23 11 2008
Japan: 08 11 23

NixieFx does support alternate calendars, such as Islamic and Japanese, but only if your iPhone’s Internationalization settings are correctly configured. NixieFx has no actual control over this – it will display the same calendar as the built-in iPhone clock.


The iPhone has a perfectly good alarm. This can be set as normal and it will activate when NixieFx is running.


What were Nixie tubes? In the earliest days of digital technology, Nixie tubes were a kind of vacuum tube – the predecessor of the transistor – with the neat twist that the metal electrodes were shaped in the form of numbers. As each electrode was activated, the number shape would glow, and hence was born the first truly digital display. Unlike the LED displays which soon made them redundant, each number in a Nixie tube is formed in its natural, curved shape, which makes them aesthetically more pleasing than the blocky 7-segment forms we associate with the term “digital” today.

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What's New

* Fixed US date formatting problem
* Reduced touch-and-hold time to access settings screen

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