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Magnetism for 3GS

Magnetism for 3GS

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Magnetism will let you see the magnetic fields that surrounds you everyday.
AND with the coming update you will be able to HEAR it as well.

Use Magnetism to detect metal objects with strong magnetic fields behind walls, see your friends influence on the earths magnetic field and track the field influences in your home.

How does it work?
Magnetism uses the new Iphone 3Gs built-in magnetic detector / compass to measure the magnetic field around you.

It even tracks them for you on an easily to read graph to enable you to see changes over time.

Magnetism is a fun tool that will let you discover your surroundings in a new way.

Warning: Magnetism will not work correctly on Iphones older then the Iphone 3Gs.

- Graphical display that tracks changes
- X, Y, Z Co-ordinate display
- Magnitude of magnetic field in mGauss

- Sunblock, our skin protection program in the itunes store.

We are immersed in a static magnetic field produced by the Earth. The presence of this field both helps us and
hinders us in the measurement of magnetic fields. We are all familiar with compasses. The compass needle is itself
a magnet and, when placed in Earth's magnetic field, it points toward the north magnetic pole which coincidentally
is very near the geographic north pole. This is a useful property of the Earth's field since it allows us to orient
ourselves everywhere on Earth except at the poles themselves.

The Earth's magnetic field also helps us find hidden objects. Many objects are made of ferromagnetic materials
which can be permanently or temporarily magnetized when subjected to a magnetic field. Water pipes, light poles,
automobiles and many appliances fall into this category. Normally the Earth's field is very uniform over a large
area, but these kinds of objects produce a reaction magnetic field which causes a distortion in the Earth's field near
them. This is an advantage when we want to find a buried or hidden object. We can measure the magnetic field at
various points and look for variations in uniformity. A spatial plot of the changes in the field will produce a
"magnetic signature" which can be recognized and used to pinpoint the object's location.

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What's New

- Fixed a crash bug

- Ability to show peak field strength
- Ability to Pause detection
- Ability to hear the magnetic field as ambient sound
- Integrated a true compass

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