Device Protection - Anti Theft

Device Protection - Anti Theft

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DevPro is a security app that helps you protect your mobile devices by motion detection. It is an "Anti Theft APP" and can be activated extremely fast with a single wipe or a push on a widget. It registers movements with an adjustable sensitivity and triggers an audible alarm to scare off thieves. Protect your phone or pad. As an alert sound you can use predefined alarms, add external .wav files or generate individual own sounds. Don't give robbers a chance to steal your device.
DevPro works with many different OS Releases.

The alarm function is triggered by movement of the device. No Internet connection is required. DevPro is the stand alone bodyguard for your device. This APP is the perfect security app to prevent others from touching the device and taking away .

We invested a lot of time to find a reliable way to save your phone or pad, no one can bypass the security features to deactivate the alarm. We use Touch-ID or Face-ID to unlock. No separate code required.

A few more unique functions:

• Adjustable alarm triggering sensitivity
• Adjustable alarm volume
• Directly accessible via widget
• Individual alarms and voice messages
• Preset scenes can be defined (office, hotel, outdoor,...)
• Active in the background

To enable you to start with low upfront activities, we integrated a lot of predefined adjustments you can modify for your own need.
To activate the motion detection we want to be fast. You can define a number of presets like school, hotel, home, library,... to get the right configuration of sound, loudness, sensitivity and pre-alert at the right situation.

We track the location in the background. This enables you to put the device in sleep mode and keep the motion detection still alive.

DevPro - the idea - why?
We travel a lot and were scared about the situations in hotels and during fairs. We could not leave our devices on a table or chair while we where absent. To fetch some food from the buffet during breakfast was not so easy for example. Thats why we decided to develop a 100% reliable security system based on the motion detection.

Why Presets?
Important for us, was to take care on different situations with different needs on sensitivity, loudness and alarm sound. We wanted to get raw motion alert reachable by a single push. Thats why we enabled "Presets" for different situations.

Why Widgets?
Sometimes speed is important if you want to be reliable securing your device. We enabled to use widgets to reach the security mode extremely fast.

We developed a fully reliable easy to reach motion detection solution for iPad and iPhone. Stay secure during trip or at school, restaurant, bars,... The configuration of sound, sensitivity, alarm type helps to take care on every different situation where you want to protect your device - DevPro!

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