How to know direction

How to know direction

iOS Universal Travel

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This application responds directly to geomagnetism and pushing the North button it will turn and the north (upper side) of the map will face in the direction of the north of the earth. People in the past were sensitive to the sense of direction. But as long as we have this map we will not lose. Taking a walk to the south end of this town today, walking may be fun.
This app added a text field in a painting program.For example, you can see the character of Japanese Kanji “umbrella” “傘" by inputting from the keyboard.You can learn difficult spelling character very easily and exactly and you write it by the finger in the manner of painting.

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1. It is a universal specification corresponding to both the iPhone and the iPad.
2. It meets the conditions for protection of privacy.
3. In response to the geomagnetism, I added a walking map where the map itself turns north by rotating all the way.
4. I made the operation buttons as large as possible and devised the layout to make it a good design.
Sincerely. Thank you very much.

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