Arkham Horror Toon Stickers

Arkham Horror Toon Stickers

iOS Universal Stickers

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Show off your favorite Lovecraftian creatures and characters with the adorably terrifying Arkham Horror toon sticker pack! Pull a revolver on your enemies with investigator Jenny Barnes or startle your friends with a menacing Yog-Sothoth—each animated sticker brings something new to your chilling chats and fearsome photos.

Stickers include:
• Ashcan Pete & Duke
• Chthonian
• Cthulhu w/Human
• Cthulhu
• Dark Young
• Deep One
• Diana
• Dunwich Horror
• Elder Thing
• Hastur
• Hound of Tindakos
• Jenny Barnes
• Jim Culver
• Mi-Go
• Rex Murphy
• Shub-Niggurath
• Wendy Adams
• William Yorick
• Yog-Sothoth
• Yithian
• Zoog

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