Yoink - Improved Drag and Drop

Yoink - Improved Drag and Drop

iOS Universal Productivity

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Yoink for iPad and iPhone lets you easily and quickly store items you drag, copy, share or download for later use.

This way, you can collect items in a central place without having to constantly move back and forth between your source- and destination applications.
The app accepts virtually any file type, for example app-content like images from websites, text snippets, web urls, eMails and documents - no matter if you drag, copy, share or download them.

Here's what users say about Yoink:
"The best shelf app on iOS" - Igloouk, UK App Store
"Most useful app in the iOS store. What a gem." - noway170, Austrian App Store
"A godsend. Get this. Now." - mr chairboy, US App Store

As a Slide-Over or Side-by-Side app on iPad, Yoink is always ready for you to drag something to it, no matter what app you're in. Just slide Yoink into view and conclude your drag operation.
On iPhone, use Yoink's Share extension, or copy-paste items into Yoink.
Items are stored in Yoink for later use, featuring rich previews for easy identification and full previews for most file types.
Drags containing multiple items are combined into a Stack.

Yoink comes with deep system integration:
- iCloud Sync
Synchronize Yoink's items across your devices using iCloud

- Handoff
Transfer files between iPhones, iPads and Macs (separate Mac Yoink app required) using Handoff

- Action/Share Extension
Almost any item you can share via the system-wide Share sheet, you can send directly to Yoink from there

- Keyboard
Yoink has its own keyboard so that inserting items you've stored in Yoink is easy and quick, without having to launch Yoink.

- Spotlight Integration
Any item in Yoink can be found via Spotlight - and the search-results are draggable.

- Today Widget
Access Yoink's items and save the contents from your clipboard in Yoink from Notification Center

- Shortcuts / Siri Suggestions
Yoink offers you Siri Shortcuts and Suggestions so you can automate processes, like adding items from the clipboard to Yoink, or copying items from Yoink, as well as starting downloads in Yoink.

- Files Integration
Access Yoink's files from any app that supports iOS 11's document browser

Here's what the press says about Yoink:
"Yoink is the shelf app Apple should have made." - Federico Viticci, MacStories.net
"Yoink is a must-have app" - Jeff Benjamin; 9to5mac.com
"Indispensable for power users." - Craig Grannell; techradar.com

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What's New

Improvements in Yoink v2.1.6:
- Improved sync performance (syncing of stacks, iCloud account availability checking, overall sync duration, handling of push notifications)
- Improved usage of background tasks
- Improved icon creation for URLs that are created from text
- Improves Universal Clipboard compatibility
- Improves auto-adding of clipboard content
- Improves the Clipboard Bar behavior

Bugfixes in v2.1.6:
- Fixes a crash in Shortcuts.app
- Handoff's progress text now has monospaced digits, making it less wobbly during transfers
- A video/image file's file size and resolution are now separated by a comma in the Info panel
- Fixes a bug in the Japanese localization
- Fixes two very minor memory leaks
- Fixes a crash during preparation for Handoff transfers
- Peek previews of URLs in the clipboard bar now render correctly
- Icons in the Handoff sheet now don't reload unnecessarily anymore when partly dismissing the sheet on iOS 13
- Improved storage management during Handoff, and when scanning documents
- The items' order in a stack when adding an item is now updated correctly
- Syncing changes made to a stack on different devices now works better
- Fixes a rare crash during sync
- When modifying text and tapping a link, the cursor is inserted there instead of the link being opened in the browser
- Unsupported representations are now correctly removed when saving modified text
- Files are now (again - sorry for the regression) removed when dragged out if the Lock button is unlocked
- Icons no longer reload completely unnecessarily after a sync
- Fixes a rare data loss occurrence when syncing a rename of a file
- Renaming is now disallowed until the file is completely loaded
- Apple Maps Link file icons are no longer constantly reloaded when opening Yoink
- The info popover now correctly displays durations for audio/video files
- Fixes a crash when (pre)viewing a URL that points to an Apple Maps page
- Icons are now correctly created on synced-to devices, if Yoink is in the background
- Stack icons are now correctly updated when receiving a sync push
- A sync is now correctly triggered when saving something from Yoink's Clipboard bar
- That being said, I've also fixed a bug that caused a sync to be triggered unnecessarily. Isn't it ironic?
- Renamed files inside stacks now sync correctly
- When syncing a URL that you've renamed afterwards, receiving devices no longer revert that title to the website's page title
- Modified files no longer state "Loading..." forever
- When deleting something from a stack on a synced device, that file is now correctly moved to the trash on the originating device
- Fixes a crash regarding UI code being executed from a non-main-thread
- Improves the reliability of the File Provider extension

I hope you enjoy Yoink :) If you do, please consider leaving a rating or a review of the app - it would mean a lot to me and help me out quite a bit. Thank you.
If you're interested in my apps and their development, or my life as an indie developer, I'd like to invite you to follow me on my blog (https://blog.eternalstorms.at), twitter (https://twitter.com/eternalstorms), facebook (https://facebook.com/eternalstorms) or instagram (https://instagram.com/eternalstorms).
Should you experience issues with Yoink or have any feedback or questions, please don't hesitate to write me at [email protected]
Thank you kindly,
Matthias Gansrigler

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