Phantom - PHP Builder for Mobile APP

Phantom - PHP Builder for Mobile APP

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The Phantom client is a server application with which you are able to create an application that meets all your requirements.
Moreover, it will not require special skills in developing software for iOS.

The structure, configuration and functional of an application are fully created by you with the help of pre-installed server scripts.
With Phantom you have an opportunity to gain access to information and resources on the server on which the script is installed.
Using the Phantom client you get the whole power of the PHP language on your phone that provides unlimited possibilities for processing information and displays the information in the required format on your phone.
With this application you will significantly reduce the time of complex client-server applications’ development.

What can be done with Phantom:
- Application of a highly-developed structure, with multi-level menu and elements of control for searching and processing information
- Access to databases and server resources
- Remote management of information systems and CMS
- Processed and received information can be performed in any format (Text, Graphics, Multimedia)

Phantom consists of 2 interconnected parts – a self- setting iOS application and server script running under PHP.

The iOS application installed on your phone contains:
- Designer Menu
- Forms Generator with built-in processed requests
- A set of built-in viewers
- System Event Handlers

The script installed on your server includes:
- Generator of MENU and FORMS with which menus and applications functional are formed
- Generator of REQUESTS with which access to information and resources of the server is formed
- Applications system settings

Clear steps to be done to create a client-server application of any complexity are as follows:

- Download Phantom to your phone and with the built-in FTP client set the module on your server
- Edit builder_config.php to create the application configuration
- Edit builder_mysql.php to allow the application to access to databases
- Edit builder_forms.php to create the application structure (MENUS, BUTTONS, FORMS)
- Edit builder_tasks.php to create and process requests on the server

"Phantom - PHP Builder for Mobile APP" doesn’t contain examples of specific service implementations.
The examples represent a limited number of common designed-in features in Phantom.
More detailed information about the application construction can be found in the documentation for the installed module.

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