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— ADVANCED RAW: Unlock the power of Apple's RAW engine with easy-to-use controls. Develop images with the same outstanding RAW processing in Apple’s Aperture professional photo app. Unique adjustments let you improve your images in ways that can't be done in any other app.

— ORGANIZE: RAW Power is a complete photo app to organize and manage your photo library. Fully compatible with iCloud Photo Library, so all changes are synced. Every image and every change is available to every app on your iPhone or iPad.

— RATE & FILTER: Filter albums by file type, rating, flag, and edit state. Ratings and Flags sync over iCloud Photo Library!

— FILES.APP: Store images in the Photos library or Files.app. Use our new Share extension to import from other apps directly into RAW Power’s Files container. Same non-destructive editing, rating, and filtering features! (iCloud syncing is not supported).

— NOT JUST RAWs: RAW Power is great with JPEGs, with many tools missing from the Photos app. Plus an innovative Depth Effect for photos shot on iPhones with a dual camera system.

— EDIT CROSS-PLATFORM: Edit on iOS and continue on the Mac (or vice-versa) using RAW Power 3 for macOS.

— BATCH PROCESSING: Apply presets, paste adjustments, and export multiple images. Export to the photo library or to Files.app.


— Zoom up to 800% for extremely precise adjustments.

— Create and rename albums, delete images from albums and the library, and move images into albums. Full access to your folder hierarchy.

— Display file name, exposure information, flash status, and location with a map.


— Full non-destructive editing. All changes stored in the iOS Photo Library and iCloud Photo Library, so you can edit on one device and continue on another, without loss of quality. Even between Mac and iOS!

— Optimized for small screens. Choose which adjustments to show by default and in what order

— Unparalleled highlight recovery with Boost and Recovery sliders. Real-time control of Apple's RAW engine, including Noise Reduction, Black Point, Gamut Mapping and more

— Auto Enhance, Auto White Balance, Auto Levels and Auto Curves. Apply them to multiple images at once!

— Apply presets, and Copy / Paste Adjustments to one image or many

— Histogram with Clipping Indicators and Hot Pixels Overlay

— LUTs (Look up tables) with built-in looks and film simulations. Add your own!

— Crop and Straighten, Rotate and Flip, White Balance with sampler and auto

— Highlights, Shadows, Vibrancy, Local Contrast and incredible Lighten and Darken sliders

— Curves and Levels. Curves has Linear and Lab modes, and samplers

— Depth Effect to enhance photos shot with the dual camera system

— Chromatic Aberration to correct lens artifacts, Perspective, Black & White, Vignette with a controllable center point

— All sliders are real-time and GPU accelerated

— High-precision, deep color imaging engine

— Export JPEG, PNG, and TIFFs (8- and 16-bit) to Files.app or Photos.app


— Compatible with hundreds of cameras, including iPhone RAW images. (list at:https://support.apple.com/en-jo/HT210191). Fuji Compressed RAW is not supported. RAW support is downloaded in the background by Apple. Your device must be on WiFi and plugged in to get updates.

— Great with JPEGs, TIFFs, PNGs, and most DNGs

— Video Tutorials (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7l78rOzFxaHG-e5AT-MGWQ)


RAW Power is also available on the Mac App Store as a Photos Extension and standalone app with Photos Library support. Rated 4.5 stars worldwide!


Gentlemen Coders was founded by a former Senior Director of Engineering at Apple. For more information, visit www.gentlemencoders.com.

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What's New

* Completely reworked Fujifilm simulations, developed in conjunction with Fujifilm shooters.
* Fixes for shooting RAW+HEIF
* All Adjustments are visible by default. You can remove them from view by using the “…” menu in each adjustment.
* Significant quality improvements to the HSL adjustment.
* Add button to Settings to hide the Camera button.
* Fix bugs with the Send to RAW Power extension
* Fix bugs with externally edited images.
* Lots of other bug fixes throughout the app.

Version 3.2.1
* Fixes for ProRAW Editing, crop, and HSL

Version 3.2
* New: ProRAW Editing: Edit your ProRAW files on iOS 14.3 or later
* New: Watermarking: Add text or an image watermark, with many options to control appearance
* Improvements to appearance of Curves and Levels
* Wider Curves and Levels in Portrait screen orientation
* Performance Improvements when importing from Files.app

Version 3.1:
* New: HSL Color Adjustment with 9 built in hues and a custom hue option.
* New: Edit either the RAW or JPEG of a R+J pair in the Photos library
* New: Export Original in batch and single image export.
* New: Import and Export Presets, so you can share presets between machines or between iOS and Mac.
* Much improved Export UI in single image and batch mode.
* Improved Crop and Straighten interface and usability.
* Improved filtering in Photo Library: Find RAW+JPEG files, filter by date, favorite status, and location status.
* Improved filtering in File Browser: Filter by date.
* Add cancel button in the Edit toolbar
* Speed up swiping in the Files.app view
* Speed up Auto White balance and Auto Enhance on tricky images.
* Add Reorder Adjustments to the adjustment menu in each brick
* Increase range of Deepen and Lighten.
* German and Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) localizations
* Several user interface improvements and bug fixes.
Previous Versions:
• Compatibility with iOS 14.
• Add Restore Edits feature for Files.app, which can be used after restoring images from backup or copying images to a different device
• Support large LUTs (over 2 MB).
• For Files.app, move originals into a separate folder and move the database into the Data folder
• Fix issue with rotation in Files.app with some Sony images
• Improve menus on small screens
• Support for mouse and trackpad with iOS 13.4
• Improve quality and range of Highlights and Shadows
• Improve quality of LUTs applied to over-exposed images
• Prompt when adding new adjustments to also add them to the default set.
• Add new Classic Chrome 2 LUT
• Add information about the How To Videos that are on YouTube
• Show shared albums and synced Albums (from iTunes/Finder), which are not editable
• Fix bug with Revert to Original in Files Batch mode, which was not removing the Edited badge
• Add Viewer Background Gray Level to Settings
• Change order of buttons in Files Grid to match Photos Grid
• Avoid displaying the “Indexing” message in the Album View unless it will take longer than a few seconds
• Delete the sidecar and preview when deleting images from Files.app
• Add localized French Edit Help
• Add Copy/Paste adjustments to the Edit Menu
• Write out Rating to IPTC on export
• Fix Auto Levels and Auto Curves presets (batch and in Edit)
• Fix bug importing LUT cube files with uppercase extension (.CUBE)
• Fix a very rare adjustment data bug when editing in Files
• Fix visual glitch with portrait screen orientation when entering Edit
• Add miscellaneous UI tweaks, localization changes and bug fixes
• Fix two crashes

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