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Glow Effect

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Glow photo effects are very popular now a day. You can see these effects sometimes on a posters or advertisements. You can create funny glow of effects using Glow Effect App.

The important step is going to be to isolate the foreground from the background, so that we can blur the background only. Glow Effect app provide magnetic lasso tool detects and snaps to the edge of an object as you to trace along its outline, it tries to figure out where the edges of an object are by looking for differences in color and brightness values between the object you're trying to select and its background. As you drag along the edge of an object, the tool drops fastening points to anchor the selection.

How to use magnetic lasso tool
Click the screen to add new anchor points
Gently move your finger on the screen anywhere you can fine-tune the position of the anchor
Overlapping start and end anchor to closed path
Try to choose the smallest step size

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