Duall Dualphoto - both sides at once camera

Duall Dualphoto - both sides at once camera

iOS Universal Photography

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Capture both sides of reality, together. The original app for taking simultaneous dualphotos, alone or collaboratively.

If you don't know dualphotography, check https://medium.com/dualphoto for more insights.

The Duall app takes photos sequentially from both sides of your device (or a single photo with a double tap - you can therefore use the unique creative filters for any kind of photo) in order to memorise those great moments with that little twist that will remind you of the mood from both sides of your device.

Your pictures can now come with a simultaneous selfie, and all your selfies with a front view. But you can also use it to get two points of view to enhance the feel from any situation, for events, food, ambiance, street, experimental work.

A very simple one (or two) clic photo app that provides you with a dual capture on one shot.

Since v2.0 you can now create collaborative social dualphotos.

About the creative filters:

'Nerve' will increase the natural contrast with deep blacks but without white saturation. Colors will be more vivid but kept within the natural balance of the source.

'Dolce' is the ideal filter to reveal the darker scenes of low light settings. It will preserve the higher luminosity details while revealing the darker parts of your pictures, but without distorting the color balance.

'Sqare' without a 'u' is a creative filter that will 'squarify' your scenes without losing the finer details or distort the color balance. The contrasts will be increased however with deep blacks.

'Booty' is the unique bootymachine.net creative filter. Based on that first 'proof-of-concept' experience that lead all the other 'filtering' smartphone based apps, this 10+ year old experiment brings a lo-fi digital feel to your pics (as with the old camera-phone used at the time), with plenty of saturation, digital grain, and vignetting. Want to be original, this is the one. You can also switch between 'Booty' filter versions now, with v1.1 adding more detail to the digital grime.

'Geoh' will draw contrast lines that will smoothly reinforce the scene's geometry.

'Bewi' is a black and white analog film simulator. It will filter out some color spectrum before transformation and will have soft and subtle grays.

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What's New

- faster app restart
- deactivate social at app leave preference
- preference to maintain 'darkcam' mode after restart
- resolved bug where two dualphotos didn't always result in two portal-plane dualphotos
- multiple enhancements and minor bug resolution

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