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MyGPS GPS Tracker with the MyGPS Live Network Viewer provides handheld and desktop, secure real-time GPS tracking, trail viewer and two way messaging, featuring Google Earth, Maps, Sky, Mars, Moon, Charts, Showtimes, Local Search, Twitter and Google Earth Overlays by Celestron, and Celestrak.

MyGPS - Live GPS Tracker
. Live iPhone and Google Earth Tracking
. Manual GPS Uploads or Emails Not Required
. MyGPS Can be Turned Off Between Waypoints
. MyGPS Runs Continuously with iPod Playing
. Audio Location Lock and Server 'Ping'
. Email Your Location to a Friend
. Email Private Tracking Invitation
. No SMTP Server Required

MyGPS Live Viewer Features: 18 May 2009

. Secure Live Tracking with MyGPS Viewer
. MyGPS Friends, Family and Fleet Tracking
. Live Satellite Tracking via Celestrak/OrbitingFrog
. Velocity, Compass Direction, Heading, Altitude
. Bearing, Distance, Elevation (Topocentric Altitude)
. Star Tracker with Constellations of the Zodiac

Google Earth Overlays
. Street, Satellite, Hybrid, Topographic or Night Sky
. Orbiting Frog/Celestrak Satellites on Orbit

Google Sky Overlays
. NASA/ESA/Hubble Telescoping Night Sky
. Celestron SkyScout Audio

Google Moon Overlays
. Visible and Elevation Maps

Google Mars Overlays
. Mars Visible, Elevation and Infrared Maps

Single Click Local Search
. Find a Taxi, Call a Cab
. Park Your Car or Truck and Find It
. Live Traffic Overlay (where available)
. Places of Interest, Where to Go, Directions

Local Reference
. Local Weather via
. Movie Showtimes via Google (where available)
. Heavens-Above Satellite Tracks, Visible Passes

GPS Computer
. Built-in Track Recorder
. Stop Watch with Built-in Trip Timer
. Measure Distance between Any Two Points
. Altimeter Charting Vertical Profile and Distance
. Longitude, Latitude, Elevation, Lateral, Vertical, Ascent, Descent Distances, Speeds, Averages, Maximums, ...

. Backgrounds, Images
. Users: Friends, Followers
. Direct Messages: Inbox, Sent
. Timelines: Home, Sent, Following
. Selectable Public Location Accuracy
. Status Updates (with Location Sharing)
. Twitter Sideways with a Wide Keyboard!

User Interface
. Multi-touch Maps
. Flip Zoom, Clickless Auto Magnification
. Portrait or Wide Screen Landscape View
. Single Click Map Center, Zoom In and Out
. Selectable Colors for Daylight or Nightime Use
. Metric, English, Nautical Units (km, miles, nmi)
. Automatic Unit Scaling (Walking, Riding, Driving)
. Cartesian, Celestial and Polar Coordinates
. Multi-lingual (French, Espanol, Olelo o Hawaii, ...)

MyGPS provides location updates to the Maui Media Lab Living Earth Server about every 25 seconds via your REQUIRED 3G iPhone's Edge, 3G or WIFI connection.

Please read the REQUIRED End User License Agreement at:

MyGPS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Catalog of Celestrak Objects on Orbit include:

Human Space Flight:
. Hubble Space Telescope
. International Space Station (Zarya, Alpha, ISS)
. International Space Station Tool Bag
. Progress-M 66, PSSC

Made in Hawaii!

Maui Media Lab LLC would like to thank the many thousands of people using MyGPS to track their iPhones, vehicles and even Satellites in orbit this year.

MyGPS is Maui Media Lab's first successful geo-navigation App for the iPhone with less than 1/10 of 1% of MyGPS users unable to figure out the simple instructions or read through the list of frequently asked questions compiled by the thousands of users that use MyGPS every day.

Happy New Year!

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