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Red Koto is a growing collection of tunings by Koto Virtuoso Chieko Mori. Red Koto can be used for tuning the Instrument by ear, for studying scales, or for playing with the different tunings. 

These are the tunings for her compositions and for learning Koto Music at "Koto Studio" in Tokyo. 

Sounds are played both picked with the left hand and plucked with the right hand using ivory picks. 

The middle of the screen represents the 13 strings of the Koto, each string plays a plucked sound at the corresponding pitch.
To the right of the string the note is shown, touching each note produces a picked sound.

The order of the tunings can be re-arranged by long-pressing on a tuning in the list.

Except where noted differently, tunings are based on a root note of 442 Hertz.

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What's New

- fixed a bug with loading user ordered tunings.

Changes in version 2.5:

- Added tunings:
Waltz 1&2
Waltz 3
Kanon Variation

- Removed tuning:

- The picked sound and the note label have been moved to the right side.
- The japanese string numbers have been moved to the left side and the triangle wave sound has been removed.

- support for new devices and screen sizes.

- larger tunings display on iPad.

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