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MovableChord is a unique application specialized for playing basic chords.
You can check and play the sound and progress of the chord with the sound of a beautiful acoustic piano.
Use it for searching/learning chords for a tune, building your solos from chord tones, or for studying music theory.

- Select a root note (and a chord type if needed) to play a chord
- Easy chord playing with Auto Select Feature (Diatonic Triad/7th)
- Individual chord tones can be played using Chord Tone Pads
- Octave Shift (from -2 to +2)
- 4 scales available (Major, Natural/Harmonic/Melodic Minor). Select Parallel or Relative scale change between major/minor.
- Key Transpose Feature
- Latch Mode Feature : a chord sustains until another chord played (Chord Tone Pads are not affected by Latch)

• Check out how to play it:
"Chordy 紹介ムービー (Introduction of Chordy v1.0)"
"MovableChord 紹介ムービー (Introduction of MovableChord v1.0)"

* MovableChord has no connection feature. If you need it, please check "Chordy 2" or "MIDIChordy".

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