Guitar Lick Master - 50+ Licks, Ultimate Trainer with Smart Tabs

Guitar Lick Master - 50+ Licks, Ultimate Trainer with Smart Tabs

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Guitar Lick Master is the ultimate way to learn and practice guitar licks on iPhone and iPod Touch.

Enjoy 50+ hand-picked licks and a revolutionary "Smart Tab" engine that deconstructs licks into easy-to-play parts and makes learning tabs faster than ever before. Expand your arsenal to 125 total licks, sweeping such genres as Blues, Texas Blues, Rock, Classic Rock, Metal, Punk and more to come. These tasteful and timeless licks (recorded by real musicians) are inspired by such greats as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Slash, Joe Perry, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, B.B. King, "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, Kirk Hammett and others.

Our mission was to create a faster and more practical way to learn guitar licks than ever before. We've done it! Enjoy these key features:

• 50+ essential, hand-picked licks (various genres)
• Color-coded "Smart Tabs" for FAST learning
• NO videos (videos are a slower way to learn licks)
• Real audio recorded by real musicians
• Each lick is split into smaller, easier parts
• Half-speed playback
• Landscape mode for longer tabs
• Metronome toggle to keep time
• Loopable parts
• Lick Store w/ Voodoo Fire & Metal Masters add-ons
• Mystery Pack (Get 25 free licks by sharing the app)

...And coming soon over the next few updates:

• Fingering notations for all tabs
• Backing tracks for all licks!!!
• iPad version


Introducing "Smart Tabs".

The heart and soul of Guitar Lick Master lies in our revolutionary "Smart Tabs". Each lick features an interactive, color-coded tab that drastically simplifies the lick learning process. Most licks only have 3-4 parts total - you'll be amazed how quickly you pick them up, and how easily you remember them!


Faster Learning Without Videos

Since the 1980's, video tutorials have been one of the most common ways to learn guitar licks. But as a modern teaching aid, video has some severe limitations. While sometimes informative and entertaining, passive, non-interactive videos are an extremely inefficient way to learn this type of material; the only way to control what you learn and at what speed is by pausing and rewinding countless times until it sinks in.

Watching an instructor sit and play *feels* productive, but it actually creates more work than is necessary and as a result is very time-consuming. For starters, their guitar is usually facing the wrong direction (unlike playing in front of a mirror). This requires your brain to flip the image. Multiple camera angles are a nice touch but with a maximum of two eyeballs, most humans can only watch one camera angle at a time. If we want to see the whole picture we have to pause and rewind again and again. The worst aspect of videos though is that licks aren't broken down into easy-to-learn parts for the viewer; the instructor usually just plays through it a few times from memory and expects you to rewind the video until you memorize it. After wasting months pausing and rewinding lick tutorials, we realized something was wrong. The world needed a modern solution!


Here's a little test: Which number do you find easier to read?




The second one is easier to read and will be easier to remember too. Why? Because it's organized and broken down into smaller parts. This is precisely the simple technique we've applied to every lick in Guitar Lick Master!

Download Guitar Lick Master and start building up your arsenal of awesome licks today!

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