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This app’s theme is rehabilitation of Parkinson's disease. To make this theme real, we want to improve communication among patients and multidisciplinary health care team.
Subjects of this app are not only Parkinson's disease patients, but also patients suffered from chronic brain disease as well as normal senior aged people.
The character of this app is rock hopper penguins which have an anarchic image. To the rhythm by the voice of a healthy child, "one", "two" and "one", "two", move your arms and fingers. The app automatically shows your movement as graphical figure. More and more you do exercise, penguin will grow up from the egg. Exercising by this app with a child makes your rehabilitation fun. The effect of physical exercise is raised by enjoying. You can compare your movement during on-period (drugs are working) and off-period (not working) by performing the same exercise menu. With your medical information, it is possible to record your conditions easily as individual’s disease diary.

[Effect on patients]
The app will bring the motivation for rehabilitation to the patients of Parkinson’s disease as well as the patients of chronic disorder. Rhythm disturbance caused by Parkinson’s disease is likely to occur, so inducing movement by the call of “one" & “two” is a reasonable way to exercise. By visualization of movement by this app will be able to realize that the preventing effect of disease progression.

[Effect on doctors and nurses]
Quantification and visualization of symptoms are critical to decision making of clinical choice for the treatment. The app makes it easier to understand medical condition in the patients’ home. To demonstrate the changes in the state by the medication can help doctors to select the appropriate treatment.

[The effect on pharmacists]
From the standpoint of only responsible for dispensing medication, it will change to a disease observer from another perspective to doctors’.

[The effect on rehabilitation therapists and care workers]
Through using of the app, rehabilitation therapists and care workers will be able to communicate easily to doctors and nurses on the job-related positions to take a different view point for the patients. Using this app will shorten the time to tell the patients’ state to attending physician. Thus, they can briefly understand the patients’ and physicians’ needs.

[Effect on research activities]
The aim of data collection from patients of Parkinson’s disease is to establish advanced effective treatment. Do not worry about collection of information. Personal identifiable data, such as individual’s name and addresses, telephone number, mail address and so force, will not be accumulated.

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Corresponding to the input of the Yahr scale ,UPDRS rating.
Adjustment of the data of the sampling interval.
Fix minor problems.

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