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NOTE: If you are running macOS 11 Big Sur, get Exporter for Contacts 2.

Exporter for Contacts (formerly "Export Address Book") is a popular and powerful Mac app for exporting contact information from your Mac's Contacts app (Address Book) to XLSX for Excel spreadsheet, CSV and other formats. The app lets you save any export setup for later re-use to make repeated exports much easier. You can export selected contacts, groups, and entire address books and specify which contact fields to export and in what order. Advanced users can use an XML export with integrated XSLT 1.0 transformation to create export setups for special cases.

Exporter for Contacts works on all Mac operating system versions from OS X 10.9 upwards, including macOS 11 Big Sur. The app is also optimised for Apple Silicon Macs.

- Exporter for Contacts can create a native Excel Workbook file (.xlsx). No more exporting and importing CSV files into Excel and Numbers only for the file to look all funky and screwed up. Leading zeros, special characters and dates are exported correctly.
- Lets you make your own export templates to use again in the future
- It recognizes fields with custom labels.
- In addition to all native contact fields, additional fields are supported, such as full name, postal address, group membership, street and house number as separate fields and contact type.
- It lets you export phone numbers in a uniform format (can be disabled in the settings if required).
- It can create custom vCards and it lets you decide which info will be put into those vCards.
- It supports the "Distribution List" feature of Apple's Contacts app.

All features are included in the purchase. There are no hidden fees, subscriptions or ads. Updates are provided free of charge. If you would like to support further development or thank us for helpful support, you can donate a small amount of money via an In-App purchase.

This app strictly and fully complies with international privacy laws and regulations. No data is collected and no usage analysis is performed. Any contact export is done entirely locally on your Mac. Exporter for Contacts does not analyse or even store your contacts on a remote server. When running on macOS Mojave or later, the app adopts several features provided by the OS for further improved protection of your sensitive data.

Please note that -- in contrast to the languages listed here on the App Store page -- the user interface of the app is localized to English and German only.

If you have questions or suggestions please contact the author. Please do not use the review system of the App Store to ask questions.

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What's New

Exporter for Contacts 2 is out now and all users of version 1 are eligible for the free upgrade, regardless of when they purchased the app. Note that the upgrade requires macOS 11 Big Sur and for billing reasons you can upgrade no earlier than 90 days after purchasing Exporter for Contacts 1. This update supports you better in performing the upgrade.

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