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Display Maid allows you to save and restore window locations based on your display configuration or user created profiles.

If you have a laptop that you use with one or more external displays, and you're tired of having to rearrange your windows every time you connect/disconnect your display, then Display Maid is for you.

If you find yourself constantly rearranging your window positions for different tasks (Work vs Presentations), then Display Maid can help.

With Display Maid you can:

• Arrange your windows the way you like them and then save the positions of those windows.
• Restore the last saved set of window positions with a single click, or keyboard shortcut.
• Windows can be saved/restored globally, or by individual app.
• Create profiles and save multiple window position sets.
• Automatically restore window positions when a display is connected/disconnected.
• Automatically restore window positions when an app is launched.
• Window layouts are owned by a specific display configuration. Save one set with a single display, save another with multiple, those layouts will only restore with the appropriate display configuration.

Q: I told Display Maid to restore all window positions but it didn't launch all my apps.

A: Thats because Display Maid is not an app launcher. It saves and restores window positions for apps that are already open.

Q: Does Display Maid support Spaces?

Yes and no.

Display Maid can’t save or restore positions for windows that are not in the currently active space. This is because there isn't currently a way provided to interact with windows that are in hidden spaces.

Display Maid is space “agnostic”. You can save/restore window positions across multiple spaces, but you’ll have to move to the spaces one by one and perform the save/restore action. If you are using the same app in multiple spaces, you’ll find that saving window positions for that app in one space will overwrite the save state for the previous space. You can get around this by using the profiles feature to save multiple states for the same display configuration.

Q: Does Display Maid support full screen or tiled apps?

No, full screen and tiled apps are an extension of spaces.

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What's New

Whats new in v3.3.7

- Fixes a bug where the Save State editor did not draw properly for some monitor configurations

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