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A WORD PROCESSOR DONE RIGHTSerious writers write with Mellel. It’s built to handle all long-form written works, whether a thesis, a manuscript or a novel. It gives you the control you need over every aspect of the writing process: outline, footnotes, bibliography, styles, and much more. From the initial idea to the final manuscript, Mellel enables you to use a single, reliable tool throughout the process: All you need to do is write it.— Reliable: Mellel is built for heavy duty work. It doesn't crash— Consistent: Use Styles and Style Sets from one document to another.— Powerful: The most advanced and flexible feature set this side of the Mac — Fast: Forget about 'refreshing' — Mellel does everything live and on the spot— Multilingual: Mellel is a superb multilingual tool, excelling in RTL languagesFEATURESEverything Updates Immediately• Auto-titles let you organize your document easily• Dynamic cross-references that update automatically• Unprecedentedly powerful indexing tool• Citations and Live Bibliography update as you write• Generate Tables of Contents with ease and controlManage and Organize• Outline pane gives you bird’s eye view of entire structure• Organise and easily move any title or element• Easily Mark, remark, and tag any part of the document• Keep track of changes with tracked changes and commentsCreate Consistent Documents• Consistent and clear styles• Reuse your styles with any document• Powerful tables and table styles• Flow text around images and text boxes• Powerful Section and Page stylesSuperb Multilingual support• Superb support for RTL languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, and Syriac• Matches font and size with different languages within the same style• Excellent support of Greek, Cyrillic scripts, CJK, and moreFind Anything• Most advanced find and replace tool• Smart Regular Expressions-like language• Easily search by objects and styles• Run hundreds of Find Actions at onceAdvanced Layout Options• Smart paragraph spacing, hyphenation, and keep options• Create titles with multiple parts and styles• Smart page styles for chapters• Flexible and advanced character styles style variationsCompatibility and Collaboration• Imports DOCX, DOC, RTF, OPML, and TXT documents• Exports DOC, RTF, OPML, and TXT documents• Exports PDFs with live links, linked indexes, cross references, and Tables of Contents• Supports all image formats (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, and more)• Use DropBox, iCloud, and other services to sync between Mac and iPad versions.

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What's New

Version 4.2
• A Whole new tables feature, completely re-written.
• Table Headers and Footers, including repeating headers and leading and trailing columns.
• Table Styles you can use and reuse across documents.
• Formulas: simple yet powerful and flexible support for basic formulas (Sum, Average, Std Dev, etc.
• Colour Alternation for rows.
• Stretch and squeeze tables, with automatic resizing of rows and columns.
• Inner and Outer padding for cells.
• Corner Radius: set the corner radius for any cell.
• Position tables and smart resize of columns.
• Easy access for table editing via a popover or the Table palette.
• Mellel now makes coffee, also drinks it (at user request).
• A lot of bug fixes, and small improvements.

Version 4.2.7
• A few changes to handling of scrollview management to reduce some issues with scrolling under Catalina.
• Setting background color on scroll view instead of content view.
• Improved appearance and updating of outline when switching document window to front or back.
• Fixed several bugs causing proliferation of document (diamond) styles after editing styles in the style-set window.
• Improved color fidelity, Mellel now reproduces the selected color (for text, background, cell borders etc) much more faithfully and consistently across different devices and platforms (Mac, iPad).
• Optimized image drawing, vastly improving typing performance in the vicinity of high-resolution images and PDF images.
• Fixed some issues displaying missing images.
• Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to crash when opening some malformed documents.
• Fixed an issue that caused Mellel to sometimes corrupt documents when applying a find/replace with a generic font in table cells.
• Fixed an issue that caused "null" elements to appear when using "replace styles" with documents containing tables.
• Fixed an issue that caused Mellel to misbehave when choosing a bookmark within a table cell as an cross-reference target in the reference edit dialog.
• Fixed an issue that caused Mellel to hang sometimes when deleting a note stream and choosing to assign notes of the deleted stream to a different stream.
• Mellel now applies the text attributes of the new note stream when changing a note's stream.
• Revised the way a note's text attributes are changed when changing its stream (whether by changing the notes stream directly, changing it by deleting the stream and choosing a replacement stream or by changing the streams attributes).
• Fixed an issue that caused strange behavior when undoing right after starting to edit in a mini editor.
• Fixes an issue that caused Mellel to discard changes made to a table and not use them when creating a new table style via the table palette.
• Major revision to the way style sets are applied:
a. For empty documents, the matching sheet is not shown and match by name is used, document text is applied with the default styles in the set and note streams are re-created based on available styles.
b. An issue that caused the document to be contaminated with diamond styles based on unused styles in the original style set was removed. Now the only diamonds that appear are actually justified.
• Default note style note has superscript note references.
• Fixes a crash when turning off "Grouping on" in "Sorting & Grouping" and "Include Heading" in "Layout". Also fixes a redundant line break after index heading when turning off "Grouping on".
• Removed limitation to deleting the last style set.
• Fixed an issue that caused Mellel to export markers applied to auto-titles to PDF even when the "export markers option" is unchecked.

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