AV for Illustrator CC 103 - Brushes and Color

AV for Illustrator CC 103 - Brushes and Color

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With so many Brush and Color options to choose from, how do you decide which combination is the best? In this tutorial app, internationally acclaimed trainer Iain Anderson guides you through the inspiring options at your fingertips in Illustrator.

Color is an enormous and complicated topic. But did you know that there are rules you can follow to simplify the color picking process? It’s true. Like music, some colors clash and are dissonant. Others complement each other like the notes in a beautiful chord. In this in-depth course, expert trainer Iain Anderson teaches you how to use the Color Guide and its Harmony rules to help you make your project’s color choices work together to achieve clarity and power.

After shedding light on color, Iain then presents Illustrator’s vast assortment of brush types and explains their capabilities from both a technical and artistic point of view. And, if you’re a graphics tablet user, you’ll benefit from Iain’s demonstrations of the new improved brush types which Adobe designed to feel and respond just like their real-world counterparts!

Finally, to wrap it all up, Iain gives you a chance to apply everything you've learned in a mini-project: A Color Illustration. This demonstration shows you how all these concepts work in an illustrator’s real world.

Table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. Color Basics
3. Color Books
4. Color Guide
5. ReColor Art
6. Pencil Tool
7. Smoothing and Simplifying
8. Paintbrush Tool
9. Blob Brush Tool
10. Using Brushes with a Graphics Tablet
11. Using Wacom Tablet Software
12. Calligraphic Brushes
13. Scatter Brushes
14. Art Brushes
15. Art Brush Scaling Options
16. Art Brush Tinting Options
17. Advanced Strokes with Brushes
18. Brush Libraries
19. Using Complex Brushes with Graphic Styles
20. Conclusion and Recap

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What's New

• Improved User Interface and Experience.
• Add your own notes to individual tutorials.
• View the outline and jump to any tutorial while playing video or from the Home screen.
• Mark your favourite tutorials.
• Take your learning experience full screen.
• Hide or show the tutorial outline whenever you want.
• Compatible with OS X Mavericks (10.9), Yosemite (10.10), and newer.

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