Zombie Alpiner - Adventure in the Land of Monsters

Zombie Alpiner - Adventure in the Land of Monsters

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Zombie Alpiner combines the superb gameplay of old-school, classic, platform games with a modern 3D voxel/sandbox graphic engine for an engaging game experience.
Explore all the various levels, collect items, avoid monster and pitfalls and have a lot of fun playing our indie game!

Watch the game trailer: https://youtu.be/2WkiirCKeVY

The story
You are an alpine climber. Unfortunately, during your last trip you were zombified! You are experiencing fever, chills, acute pain in the joints, loss of muscular coordination, overall numbness and a partial paralysis in the lower body. It’s necessary to reach a Center for Disease Control and Prevention to receive the appropriate medical treatment.

You are still in control of your body and mind and do not want absolutely to infect other people, because you are the Hero! So, you decided to pass through the uninhabited, infamous and extremely dangerous Land of Monsters.

Journey across various landscapes, avoid monster, pitfalls and traps. Will you be able to survive?

The game
Zombie Alpiner is a platform game with multiple levels. It has a true 3D engine that is governed by physics laws.

We want to capture the feeling of the old-school platforms. They are immediate, engaging and fun.

The goal is simple: explore each level and collect the needed keys to unlock the path to the exit. Along the way you can encounter bonuses to pick up and enemies to avoid. Jump, climb, overcome pitfalls and obstacles to advance the game.

The Hero is turning into a zombie, so this is affecting his movements. The body is now rigid and it is not possible to walk normally anymore. He can only jump to move. He is still able to climb, to make long jumps and, luckily, at present a fall down can’t kill him. He does not have the ability to swim, so water must be avoided at all costs.

There is a freakish “zombie physics” to take care of while playing the game. It can be used at your advantage in some situations, but also kill you. This is a really fun aspect of the game.

It’s possible to combine a move with a climb/long jump action. In some cases, it’s mandatory to use combos to overcome a hurdle.
There isn’t a time limit for completing a level, however you have only one life and there isn’t an option to save the progresses. Anyway, it’s possible to restart from last played level collecting the minimum number of coins indicated in the HUD.

Lastly, as in any good old platform, there are movable blocks to use as elevators, dangerous lava blocks and, of course, the enemies.

The game is populated by any kind of monsters and beasts: ghosts, goblins, orcs, vampires, spiders, snakes, bears, rats, mummies, zombies, etc.

It’s not possible to kill the enemies, you can only avoid them! They have variegated bulks and speeds. Their intelligence is very limited, but they are really effective while defending their territory. All the enemies are designed in pure voxel graphics.

Summary of features
- Old-school/classic gameplay;
- True 3D engine with voxel graphics aesthetic and physics;
- 18 unique game levels with various landscapes;
- 15 different monsters and beasts;
- 3D sound effects;
- Beautiful background music;
- Immediate and intuitive game commands;
- Keyboard and Joystick support;
- Playable for everybody and anybody. Fun for all ages. Challenge your skill and reflexes!
- Expressly and exclusively designed for the Apple’s platforms (Mac, tvOS, iOS);
- Premium game - no in app purchase roadblocks!

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