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Harvest Life

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Your grandpa left you a small farm which you can literally watch crumbling to pieces. Are you going to throw the helve after the hatchet or are going to roll up your sleeves and lead your farm to new glory?

In this well-balanced mix of time management games and farm simulation with exciting mini games you will face difficult decisions on a daily basis. Cultivate new fields and take very good care of your animals.

But don't let the idyll fool you! Deep in the forest the wolves are already for their chance to strike. Luckily, you’re a real adventurer. You're not afraid of wolves and ready for any quest that may come your way.

To keep expanding your farm you have to make a profit selling your products in your farm shop. The villagers will show you exactly how happy they are with your work. Show them how much of a farmer you are and become the country's biggest organic farmer.

• Entertaining farm simulation
• Extend your farm: Buy animals, build fields and decorate!
• Show your skills as an organic farmer
• Master a great variety of exciting challenges
• Produce fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs and honey
• Breed pigs, cattle, chickens, bees, etc.
• Face unexpected dangers such as wolves
• Sell your products at a profit
• Time management meets strategy
• Exciting mini games
• Heart-warming story about true love
• Enchanting graphics
• Mouse controls

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What's New

• Simplified Chinese localization added
• Dutch localization added
• Flashlight sometimes didn't show when entering the forest during the night
• Day-End-Screen didn't show the correct value when it was 1000 or higher
• Smith-Quest sometimes didn't give the proper reward
• Sometimes the progression windowed showed "0" for some value, they should properly count now
• Declining the smith's quest should no longer lead to problems
• French Localization fixes
• Russian Localization fixes
• Overlapping texts
• The dog no longer appears in the catacombs after being freed
• Dog-Achievement fixed and will be unlocked upon loading your savegame if you haven't received the achievement before
• Food-production-machine displays the correct descriptions now
• Bears and skeletons no longer count towards the "defeat wolves" quest
• It's easier to sell henhouses and street-lights in the editor now
• Skeletons shouldn't run through some of the coffins in the middle part of the catacombs anymore
• Fishing does not hide & show the UI anymore
• You can no longer name your dog while he is in the catacombs (which had no effect)

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